Audience development is nothing new to marketers. The very concept of a sales funnel depends on a company’s ability to attract new prospects at the very earliest stages of the conversion journey, and to be able to encourage them through that funnel to the point of purchasing or making an enquiry.

What is new – and evolving all the time – is the range of potential channels to use in developing an audience. Digital in particular opens up new avenues and savvy search marketers are exploiting new methods of attracting user attention and becoming the search result of choice, not just the top ranking result.

Impression’s multi award winning digital marketing team works with businesses across lead generation and ecommerce to broaden existing and develop new audiences. Find out more about our approach to audience development below, or get in touch today to find out how we can help you reach more people to make more sales.

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What is audience development?

Audience development is the collective term for strategies that broaden your brand’s reach. Audience development activities include awareness building, target diversification and tactics relating directly to SEO, PPC and PR.

Audience development and the conversion funnel

The idea of a sales funnel is not a new one. But the strategies used to develop audiences through the sales funnel are continually evolving, from the introduction of advanced CRM platforms to the expansion of traditional search marketing services to better encapsulate audience development techniques.

The basic concept of audience development focuses on the top of the funnel, where awareness is gained, and then moving users through that funnel to the point of purchase:

conversion funnel impression

Audience development and its role in PPC advertising

One of the most common uses of audience development – and arguably the most measurable – relates to PPC and, specifically, remarketing.

Remarketing is the term used to describe the adverts that re-engage lapsed customers or speak directly to those who have visited your website but not converted. The highest performing remarketing campaigns target users based on bespoke metrics, such as visits to a certain page of your website, or engagement metrics like time on site.

For many businesses, this is no problem – they utilise remarketing once their traffic has reached the necessary numbers for a remarketing campaign to become possible. However, let’s say you wanted to remarket to an audience for which the current traffic levels are not high enough, perhaps because the service or product on offer is not as well known as your others. In this case, use of channels like digital PR and content marketing can attract users by tapping into related interests, thus creating a sizeable remarketing audience that’s already engaged with your brand.

Our approach to audience development

Impression is a commercially minded, award winning agency that thrives on creating strategies that help our clients to grow. Our approach to audience development is unique in that we actively tie our activity into your wider business aspirations, working closely with you to identify that development opportunities with the highest profitability potential. Our approach typically consists of:

Situation Analysis

We review your current position in your marketplace to identify any areas of improvement in your current approach, ensuring you’re not missing any existing opportunities.

Audience Workshopping

Our specialists work closely with you and undertake research across your historical data to better understand your audience and spot areas for development and growth therein.

Strategic Recommendations

We will present our strategic recommendations to you for approval before briefing them into our team. Recommendations may span SEO, PPC and PR, and will be delivered with clear reasoning and data where possible.