In some instances, your page can be penalised by Google for misconduct. This is usually done in one of two ways – either your website has dropped behind the curve of what most websites are doing (that’s producing great content and getting quality citations), or at some point in its history, the website has been “optimised” by an SEO looking for a quick win, which has resulted in many ‘bad links’ pointing towards your website. If you are looking for Google penalty removal, this is probably because your website administrator has received an unnatural links warning, or you are aware of significant drop offs in traffic that coincide with major Google updates.

At Impression, we don’t look for quick wins, and have a great understanding of the problem that Google are trying to solve each day – that is improving the quality of search results, listing credible businesses that have a voice online. Unfortunately, as the practise of search optimisation was initially an easy industry to enter, there were a lot of bad practises frequently employed that can has meant many credible businesses, many years later, are now seeing unnatural link warnings in their Google Webmaster Tools accounts.

We have a 100% first time success rate at Google manual spam penalty removals. Get in touch to see how we can help you!

Unnatural links warning & penalty recovery

These warnings in Google Webmaster Tools ultimately lead to penalties, which can mean your website organic search traffic can drop to almost zero.

Penalties can be removed, but it is not straightforward; there are a number of steps that are required in order to have Google manually review your efforts and consider re-inclusion into the index. Our team can help with the entire process and submit your inclusion request on your behalf until your penalty is completely removed.

Typically penalty removal can take a few months, but in some cases this period can be much shorter or longer. Though we would react on a case by case basis, our service includes at least the following;

  1. Unnatural link evaluation
  2. Google Webmaster Tools link analysis
  3. Link anchor text optimisation analysis
  4. Link categorisation and removal
  5. Reconsideration request

Panda or Penguin?

Penalties don’t always come via messages in Google Webmaster Tools. Flux in your organic search traffic can also be down to online activity not in amounts warranting a full penalty. The Google algorithm is extremely advanced and can identify websites engaging in malpractice. These websites can be held back automatically without a full manual review and associated warning in Google Webmaster Tools.

If you fear your website is being held back due to the website’s back links or content, then we can provide a full industry and website SEO report which will highlight problem areas and suggest recommendations for improvement.

Please get in touch with our team for pricing as the size of this work scales with the size of your website. If you’re local to Nottingham or London, or could accommodate one of our trainers, you may also consider a penalty removal workshop, particularly if you would like to keep some resource in house.

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