Creative content campaigns are a common tactic within digital PR that is often higher risk, but also higher reward.

What we’re talking about here is the kind of stuff you see in awards nominations or shouted about at conferences. It’s the kind of campaign that often has an asset at its core, a level of interactivity is possible and, when done well, we believe it can capitalise on a broader set of KPIs, beyond link building, too.

With an in-house design team, a PR team comprising ex-journalists, traditional PRs and SEOs, and a network of development partners – plus the ability to work with your in-house team – Impression is your perfect partner for high return creative content campaigns to suit a wide range of budgets and audiences.

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Our approach to creative PR campaigns

Many of our clients opt for a campaign led strategy. Often, we can generate numerous links and coverage from one campaign alone. It’s not the case for all who employ digital PR services, they may want an approach that’s more thought leadership led, but generally it’s a tactic that generates a lot of return.

We pride ourselves on our ability to create and execute award winning campaigns that have our client’s brand messages and values at their heart, with a clear logical route from the campaign back to the product or service.

We don’t keep all of our eggs in one basket, which can often be the case elsewhere. As a team we decided it was right to take a layered approach to strategies and campaigns. So every campaign we issue will be supported by thought leadership pieces and any reactive PR that we can tie back to the core of the campaign, ensuring a steady flow of diverse and relevant links and coverage throughout, as well as the big influx of results that campaigns often produce.

Our campaigns range from those that are heavily data led to a PR stunt, or those that rely on an asset that we create in house, whether that be interactive games, graphs or quizzes to name a few. All of which carry the ability to both collect information as well as create headlines.

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KPIs in Creative PR Campaigns

Want to know what we can do for you?

The proof of any creative campaign is in the results it delivers. We’ve worked with clients to deliver high return content campaigns focused primarily on the gaining of new backlinks to a domain or page, but also more broadly around audience development, conversion rate optimisation and multi-channel support.

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