The client

WinTech Racing is one of the largest rowing boat builders in the world, with 200 staff producing more than 2,000 racing shells per year at its 500,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Its mission is to promote the growth of rowing by making it easier and more affordable to buy quality boats and equipment that improves performance at all levels.



The challenge

WinTech Racing enlisted the help of Impression to adapt its current website to be more suitable for a global audience and achieve a cohesive brand image worldwide.

Prior to the project, customers were directed to each individual distributor’s site, across nearly 50 territories! WinTech Racing wanted to consolidate this with one central website, with a view to:

  • Increase organic search traffic
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Position the company as a leader in the rowing equipment market
  • Drive high quality leads to local distributors and sales representatives
  • Monitor the effectiveness of Impression’s digital strategy in different territories

The strategy

WinTech Racing decided that its existing US distributor site,, would be used as the basis for the new global brand site. While the basic structure and design of the US site was retained, Impression’s web team focused on technical improvements behind the scenes and the enabling of multi-territory and language features.

Because the site needed to cover distributors across nearly 50 territories and many different languages, it was preferable to find a solution that simplified the hreflang considerations. Having hreflang tags in place ensures that search engines send people to the correct content, in their own language. Another issue was that a site with many territory/language versions of its pages could be a burden on WinTech Racing’s content management.

The web team identified WordPress Multilingual (WPML) as the best solution that lends itself to the above considerations – hreflang relationships between pages is built in and pages can exist as duplicates of each other in different languages where an update to the ‘original’ page is applied to all of its duplications.

WPML also naturally caters for translation across different languages and can accommodate for territories that speak the same language (such as England, USA and Australia), as well as territories where there are multiple languages spoken. The geo IP detection directs users to their local version of the site, and are then given the option to switch territory/language using a country selector added to the site.

The results

In addition to integrating different territories and languages under one global site, the site also allows for enquiries to be submitted to the local distributor for each region in the language that's relevant to the user.

It also has an 'events' page that can split events between international and domestic where each 'custom language' can have local listings listed on their version of an events page only. In addition, users are able to join mailing lists that are specific to each territory rather than one single global list. This allows WinTech to be highly targeted in its approach, with good customer experience in mind.

The project has led to new business for the company too, with a new distributor in Turkey following an enquiry from a company there for a large number of boats and oars.

Impression really invested time to getting to know our business as well as our objectives and worked with us to tailor a solution that puts us in a strong position to meet and exceed both the short and long-term goals of our digital strategy. The team's technical expertise and customer service really are second to none. I look forward to working together on future projects to drive our business to the next level.

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