The client

Wienerberger is the UK’s leading provider of wall, roof and landscaping innovations as well as being the world’s largest manufacturer of bricks and Europe’s largest clay roof tile producer. In the UK, Wienerberger leads the way, offering over 1,000 products and solutions for the complete building envelope.



The challenge

Wienerberger approached Impression looking for help building a tool to enable their customers (builders merchants) to get the most out of their stock, no matter what storage space they have.

In the past, if you needed several types of brick they would come in several bulk deliveries or you were restricted to products only made in the same factory.

Wienerberger had a concept for a tool in mind, they wanted to allow their customers to be able to order a precise, bespoke load, altogether in one delivery, from one location.  Impression worked with the client on the exact functionality of the tool, putting a specific focus on making it as quick and easy to use.

The strategy

The Load Builder needed to take users through the following process:

  1. Select a hub location (Wienerberger has 7 hub locations across the UK)
  2. Find and add products to load (the company has more than 180 available)
  3. Provide name and contact details
  4. Submit all info to Wienerberger to request a quote

It also needed to be made clear to users that there is a maximum load per vehicle of 28,000kg, though loads can span multiple vehicles.

In light of this, we created a tool with the following functionality:

Selecting hub location

  • Users are asked to provide their postcode in order for them to be shown the list of hubs in distance order from their location (including the actual distance in miles) so that they can select the nearest hub that has the products they need. The nearer the hub, the lower the delivery costs.
  • Once a user selects a hub, they’re able to easily navigate back to the hub selection screen if the location they chose first doesn’t include all of the products they’re looking for.
  • Sometimes a user may select a different hub when they’ve already added products to their load. In the event that the products aren’t available at the new location, a warning will pop up and show which products aren’t compatible. It also informs that if they continue, the incompatible products will be removed from their load.

Find and add products to load

  • When users select a hub, they are shown a full list of all of the hub’s available products listed alphabetically, but there are also filter and search options to make finding products as easy as possible.
    • Search by product name or material number
    • Filter by type, texture, colour and pattern
  • To help users create their bespoke load, they’ll always have a view of how full their load is and how many vehicles will be needed for their load (part-loads have extra delivery charges for each unused tonne) which includes a graphic to visually represent how full a vehicle would be with the product they’ve added so far.

Provide name and contact details

  • The postcode that users entered at the beginning of the process is pre-populated on the Details screen along with an address lookup drop-down with results to match the postcode – making completion of this step much simpler.
  • Pre-checking to mark delivery address as matching the main address also avoids users having to complete too many fields when not necessary, whilst also providing the flexibility to capture that information separately when applicable.
  • Marketing comms opt-in included in form.

Submit all info

  • Make sure user has the ability to review all aspects of their load builder quote request before submitting it by providing a full summary.
  • Full details of user’s quote request and marketing comms opt-in status are submitted to the Wienerberger team.

The tool, which is shown below, was built using the Vue.js Javascript framework. It displays the Load Builder app UI differently for mobile in order to have a mobile optimised UI.

Wienerberger's Load Builder

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