The client

WearAll started working with Impression in June 2016. They are an online ecommerce fashion store competing with online stores such as MissGuided, BooHoo and ASOS. They enlisted the help of Impression to help them take on much larger competitors and to broaden their reach amongst an audience typically comprised of female purchasers in the 20-35 age range, across the UK, US and IE.



The challenge

Wearall already had an established website, but the highly competitive fast fashion industry meant they struggled to compete with larger brands like Missguided, Boohoo and ASOS.

The main challenge was therefore to achieve substantial growth. WearAll were happy with the ROI from their previous agency but said agency couldn’t grow the account any further.

An initial audit quickly identified that the stagnation in growth was due to a broadness in targeting. More specifically, the targeting was not granular enough to allow budget and bids to be allocated in the most efficient way. In a competitive industry such as fast-fashion, advertisers need to consistently be ahead of their game, so we knew we had to be innovative in order to achieve aggressive growth.

Though Google Shopping was arguably the most important part of this campaign, all channels lend themselves to providing the best possible shopping experience for the user. Our strategy was supplemented particularly by SEO and Paid Social

The strategy

WearAll’s success and growth from Impression came largely from Shopping campaigns. We split our Shopping strategies into the three key elements listed below. 

  1. Contextual feed optimisation

Feed optimisation is a vital component any Shopping campaign, but we split this into 3 distinct considerations.

a) Feed optimisation for Google

Feed optimisation for Google is, for the most part, straightforward. Merchant’s must ensure they cover all required and recommended attributes, and submit their data in the most efficient way. This is the area of feed optimisation that is most common.

b) Feed optimisation for the User

Slightly more complex is feed optimisation for the user. For WearAll, competitor analysis, reviewing search queries and analysing on-site searches all assisted in building product titles and descriptions that best answer a users query. Crucially, testing of new feed titles and attributes was vital to ensuring success.

c) Feed optimisation to meet business goals

This is where the idea of ‘contextual feeds’ come in. These involve the use of external data in order to assist in campaign structure and bidding decisions. For example, businesses already have a wide range of other data (best sellers, offline data, margins, size coverage, stock levels etc), and these can be added as additional attributes in Shopping campaigns, to allow for more informed bidding decisions.


  1. Better ROAS bidding

The account was previously using a ROAS custom script. However, this script was flawed for a few reasons:

  • It made bidding decisions based on very little data
  • It made bidding decisions that were not based on wider context

It is for this same reason that bid management tools and automatic bidding often provide less than optimal results.

In order to improve the ROAS of the campaign, we implemented our own bid management script which uses a combination of a mathematical ‘computer’ approach, and a human ‘context-driven’ approach. Our script allows the machines to do the heavy lifting (mathematical decisions) yet experienced account managers always have the ultimate decision.


  1. Search query sculpting

Whilst the technique of search query sculpting has been discussed by various industry professionals for years, we took this one step further.

Traditionally, this is built using branded terms vs non-branded terms. Instead, we used n-gram analysis to find high-performance query strings. This allowed for bids to be applied based on the user’s intent, rather than simply the product.

This technique proved to be vital in improving performance. As always, we then set to work on automating this process so that our time can be better used elsewhere – focusing on continuing to innovate.

We are now continuing to work with WearAll and grow the account further.

The results

Our client is extremely happy with the impressive results achieved by Impression's PPC team; the following results show a comparison of 2017 to 2016:

increase in revenue
increase in transactions

Impression are experts in the digital marketing and eCommerce space. We’ve worked closely with Liam and the team for over a couple of years and the service has been exceptional from the off. IMP have continually provided innovative solutions that have allowed us to increase online revenues YoY whilst maintaining profitability.

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