The client

VIA is the leading company in the unified communications market and has grown to become the largest provider of hosted Skype for Business in the UK. VIA’s main products, VIA UC & VIA Contact Centre, lets organisations consolidate all their voice, instant messaging, video calls and conferencing into one simple to use system. Its products bring new efficiencies to customers as well as providing cost and efficiency savings.


Digital PR

The challenge

When the team at VIA first approached Impression, they had a very clear goal: to increase their online visibility in a competitive marketplace. In particular, they wanted to increase their rankings for ‘unified communications’, ‘Skype for Business’ and other related terms, which in turn would help them increase their customer base.

For the first few months Impression focused on optimising relevant landing pages and creating new pages based on the sectors that VIA serve. Offpage activity was then introduced; our objectives as a digital PR team were as follows:

  1. Build links to the main product page and the site as a whole to build authority and support search ranking improvements
  2. Position the client as a thought leader in its target sectors


The strategy


  • Utilise our client’s vast array of sector specific knowledge and opinions to place thought leadership pieces across their target sectors’ publications
  • Build links to the primary service page and across the site for a natural backlink profile that would support search ranking improvements


Our client was very clear about their target sectors so we started by building a list of all the publications in those sectors.

Next, we reviewed the content across all those publications to identify what typically travelled well. Noting that thought leadership articles were well received across the board, we decided that this would be the most appropriate and highest ROI strategy in achieving our clients’ early stage goals.

We then planned out our campaigns for the year, allowing a focus each month/quarter on either a sector or a theme, if that theme was appropriate across multiple sectors. For example, our campaign around a new financial regulation update was applicable only on the finance sector, while our campaign around flexible working benefits was valuable across the board.

Our planning was based first on what was going to be topical throughout the year – for example, the financial regulation update happened in January so it made sense to focus on that from November to January. We then utilised public calendars alongside Google Trends information and historic coverage in each sector to pinpoint the optimal times to focus on each topic or sector.

Finally, we agreed the topics our client would be happy to speak about and pitched them in to our target publications, offering each journalist the opportunity to feature a unique guest article from VIA.

It’s worth noting that while we recognise that guest posting has itself had negative press in recent years, we believe that the relevant placement of our client in the places their target audience is active and with messaging that resonates with that audience is valuable across a broad set of metrics including:

  • Links – our primary objective was to build links to the site
  • Positioning – when the message is right, our client can use the content we place within their own sales process and across their own social channels to build their credibility
  • Referral traffic – many of our placements resulted in new people visiting our client’s site and, anecdotally, in buying their product

The results

Since we began working with VIA last June, we have secured 60+ pieces of coverage in sectors including:

- Local
- Trade (telecoms and communication)
- IT and technology
- Business
- Finance
- HR

The majority of articles also include a link back to the client's site, which has had a positive impact on VIA's search rankings. Publications include:

- East Midlands Business Link
- Business Cloud
- SME Web
- CEO Today
- Just Entrepreneur
- Tech Native
- Comms Business
- Global Banking and Finance Review
- Training Zone
- Sage

Apart from the links, the coverage has led to a good number of social engagements and referral visits back to the VIA site. Social engagements refer to number of shares on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Reddit and likes and comments on Facebook.

Pieces of coverage
Referral visits
Social engagements
improvement in ranking position for 'unified communications'

We have been very impressed with the support and work provided by Impression. Through our PR successes we have achieved greater online visibility, rankings and brand awareness. The team at Impression are very easy to work with, professional, proactive and expert in their advice and it has been a pleasure working with them across our campaigns.

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