The client

Our client is a leader in sustainable and environmentally friendly building materials which they sell to trade and homeowners. They have very clear values and are keen to lead conversations around responsible building practices.


Digital PR

The challenge

Having built up their website and started to gain traction with their environmentally friendly building materials, our client was keen to invest in traffic acquisition alongside brand building. They approached Impression’s digital PR team to work alongside our existing SEO retainer with the aims of:

  1. Gaining new, high quality, relevant links to the domain
  2. Positioning the brand as a disruptor in the environmental space

The strategy

Recognising one of the main tools at our disposal to be our client’s willingness to stand up for their values, we knew we could do something a bit more controversial than a simple data visualisation or report style campaign.

This opened us up to thinking very creatively – and with the President making comments around climate change at the time, we wanted a stunt which would contribute to conversation’s around climate protection in a way that would capture the world’s attention.

Working collaboratively with our client, we identified an opportunity to donate money to a charity in return for the naming rights to a new species of worm – a worm which was characterised by its ability to bury its head in the sand at any sign of danger…

We decided to name the worm after Donald Trump – or Dermophis donaldtrumpi to give it its proper title. The story plus the accompanying image were shared around the world:

trump worm impression

The results

The story was picked up globally, resulting in over 900 features and links to our clients site, supporting SEO visibility growth as well as positioning the brand as a disruptor in the environmental space.

quality placements
unique linking domains
links with a DR of more than 90
social shares

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