The client

Providing homeowners with access to 100% renewable energy, Tonik is leading the market in finding new innovative ways to power the homes of the future with sustainable green gas and other technologies including solar panels, in-home battery storage and electric vehicle charging points.


Digital PR

The challenge

Tonik Energy approached Impression to support its efforts of growing its customer base in an increasingly competitive marketplace that is the UK energy sector.

Having established itself as a leading provider of green energy, Tonik enlisted Impression to provide a full digital marketing strategy encompassing SEO and PPC with a strong focus on Digital PR to help strengthen its backlink profile.

It was clear they had a good reputation with its existing base of customers with a number of organic mentions from sites such as and a number of national publications through traditional PR. However there was a clear opportunity to capitalise on targeting further high-quality publications to drive additional links to particular sections of the site.

The client recognised the competition within their space and knew that in order to reach a new audience they would need to establish themselves as a market leader. They challenged Impression to:

  • Create content that encompasses its brand ethos of green, sustainable, high quality and future gazing.
  • Gain high-quality links from authoritative domains and relevant consumer and trade online publications.

The strategy

As part of our ideation process, we wanted to create a topical campaign to target a wider array of relevant publications for Tonik ranging from national press to the more niche green publications.

With electric vehicle (EV) charging points being one its key products and a major talking point in today’s news agenda we wanted to position Tonik as a thought leader within this space while of course garnering links in the process. It’s no secret that EVs are growing in popularity across the UK with more eco-conscious drivers, but the impact on mass market was something we thought could be interesting (to both ourselves and journalists) to explore deeper.

Deloitte announced its predictions that EVs will reach price parity with traditional combustion engine vehicles by 2024 and it’s expected that these reduced costs will soon see a big spike in sales. We therefore wanted to find out which areas of the UK were most (and least) prepared for the rise in presence of these of these vehicles – or the ‘electric vehicle revolution’ as we coined it. As EVs are heavily reliant on available public charging points we wanted to see which councils were ahead of the curve when it came to helping residents make the switch. But how could we get this data?

To come up with these rankings we decided to utilise two reputable data sets to create our newshook. We worked with Zap-Map to determine the amount of publicly available charging points for 34 towns and cities across the UK and cross referenced this with data from the DVLA to establish the amount of full license holders in each corresponding postcode area. With some quick calculations we were able to work out the total amount of license holders per charging point for each location and the ‘most’ and ‘least’ prepared locations.

We were then able to target the national, trade and regional press with optimised versions of a press release that summarised the findings. Not surprisingly the news proved particularly popular in Sunderland which topped the rankings!

This is just one example of digital PR campaigns employed to help our client grow visibility amongst their target audience, broaden that audience and build valuable links back to their site, contributing to increase authority and better search ranking positions too.

Although link building is the primary focus of any Digital PR campaign, we believe there are subsequent benefits to each activity. To highlight these, in each campaign we clearly specify which secondary benefits each digital PR each activity works towards. Amongst others, these include some of the following:

  • Local profile building
  • Brand awareness to gain increased brand searches
  • Product promotion
  • Building press relationships

The results

The success of this campaign related heavily to the amount of vertical press that this story was relevant for. While the national and regional press made up the initial targets when it came to outreach we also knew there was a strong portfolio of green energy related titles that would be interested in the story and be of great relevancy to Tonik's target audience of customers.

In addition to more than 300 links with an average DR of 52 being achieved across a wide variety of domains, the campaign achieved notable mentions in I, Daily Express, MSN, The Scotsman and the Yorkshire Evening Post. It was even receiving praise from Sunderland City Council as a notable achievement from the local area.

new links to our client's site
average rating of new links

"It has been great working with James and the team - the EV campaign was well thought out, researched and executed, and the results were far better than we could have imagined! The team always welcome feedback and it’s great to bounce thoughts an ideas off of them. Impression have really helped position Tonik as an authority in the EV space."

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