The client

Spearing Waite is Leicester’s largest law firm with a vibrant, friendly and down to earth culture and expertise across a broad range of legal services and industry sectors.



The challenge

Spearing Waite enlisted Impression’s help to redesign and redevelop its website to bring it into line with the values, culture and quality of the firm. The main objectives were to create a site which:

  • Really showcases the firm’s personality
  • Provides insight into the services it delivers
  • Enables staff to knowledge share with their clients and contacts
  • Allows prospective recruits the opportunity to explore what it’s like to work at the company

The strategy

Branding & Styling

It was of primary importance that the design of the site was updated in a way that conveyed the quality and ‘personality’ of Spearing Waite. The firm combines a strong work ethic with a strong sense of fun and this really needed to be portrayed as part of the redevelopment. Keen to bring a dynamic feel to the site, the Impression team implemented:

  • An animated CSS mask on the banner image slideshow. The slideshow involves the use of Spearing Waite’s leaf-shaped logo to progressively reveal images in the above-the-fold area of the home page. We’ve written a blog about this here.

Spearing Waite home page

  • A combination of CSS transitions across all dynamic elements on the site to immerse the user, and to highlight the brand personality. This included hover states, animated GIFs, image transitions and sliders.
  • A bold & engaging colour palette and font combination to create a strong visual hierarchy.
  • A versatile grid system to compliment the distinctive personality of the brand and website content.
  • Artistic direction & image treatment across the site to present the brand personality and company direction.
  • An animated contact page showing directions from the Spearing Waite car park to the Spearing Waite office.
  • Twitter feeds for two company Twitter accounts (main account and IP service area account) in Spearing Waite brand colours

User Experience

It was also important to allow users to submit enquiries direct to the relevant area of the firm that they’re enquiring about. Now, because each service area would have a form of its own, users are able to benefit from a quicker response time from the team.

What the team really wanted was for users to be able to find individual lawyers too; with this in mind, there’s a dedicated ‘people’ search (as on the homepage) as well as a whole site search. There’s also a ‘Meet the Team’ or ‘Key Contacts’ section on each service page.

To further improve the user journey on the site, we implemented:

  • A ‘mobile first’ design and web build, to ensure a consistent engagement on all devices.
  • A pop-out ‘get in touch’ form always accessible on the right hand side of the screen so that users are able to submit a quick enquiry without needing to navigate to a service page or Contact Us page.
  • An adaptive sticky navigation across the site, to offer the user a constant form of accessing relevant pages and the ability to search whilst browsing.
  • An improved categorisation of the ‘news and knowledge’ section, to improve the user journey when searching for specific information, and to give Spearing Waite a place to engage in knowledge-sharing, thought leadership, and share industry and company news.
  • An editable and insightful careers section that conveys the company’s culture whilst listing open vacancies.

Impression has delivered a site which lives and breathes the culture, values and quality of the firm. It gives us a fantastic platform to further develop our brand and offering.

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