The client

SIS Pitches are the world leaders in sports pitches. They are the one-stop-shop for turf manufacturing, pitch construction, resurfacing, design and project management, installation and maintenance. Their aim is to stay at the top of their game and be the go-to choice for all sports clubs and institutions. SIS Pitches pride themselves in their expertise and have plenty of high-profile projects and clients in their portfolio.



The challenge

SIS Pitches designed, constructed and installed 6 out of 12 of the 2018 World Cup venues. Naturally, this meant that the site gained plenty of organic traffic over the summer of 2018. As a result, this meant that year on year organic metrics such as users and sessions were down and Impression was tasked to improve their organic performance and get new qualified leads.

With the advanced technology that SIS Pitches use, it can be difficult for an agency to generate content and copy that is relevant to their industry. This is where Impression had to strategically create a plan of action that would get positive results within a given timeframe.


The strategy


To ensure that we were strategically targeting areas of the site that would benefit them most, we reported on the site’s keyword ranking on a page by page basis. After this, we grouped pages into low-high priority based on keyword position. From there, we formed a strategy that could be used to show what order to optimise each page in – starting with high priority to low priority. 

Service Pages

We provided on-page optimisation recommendations for the service pages that were ranking on pages 2 and 3 of the SERPs. Rather than completely rewriting the content, we used Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency and other bread-and-butter SEO techniques to optimise the existing content. 

Blog Content

After seeing plenty of blogs ranking page 2 and below, we knew that blog optimisation would have been a task in itself. Given their high-profile portfolio of clients, we knew there would be plenty of potential search volume around the topics and organisations that SIS Pitches have worked with. To exploit this potential, we improved the internal linking structure of each blog post and ensured that they were being linked to on key service pages. We also retargeted each blog post for relevant keywords and improved their metadata. 

The results

As of March 2020, SIS Pitches have seen the following YoY improvements from organic traffic only:

increase in users
increase in new users
increase in sessions

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