The client

Owls Hall is one of the UK’s leading water management companies, improving their customers’ environments by offering specialist wastewater and stormwater solutions. With over 50 years experience working on residential and commercial business projects, Owls Hall offers a diverse range of services from installing sewage treatment plants for rural residential homes to providing drainage solutions for major contractors such as Balfour Beatty, Costain, Carillion, Skanska and also Government bodies.



The challenge

Owls Hall wanted to increase the number of visitors arriving at their website via organic search, and ultimately drive more leads and revenue via the website. Specifically, they wanted to;

  • Identify and target customers within both the residential and commercial markets for a wide range of products and services.
  • Improve the websites ability to act as a lead generation tool for the business.
  • Raise the visibility of the e-commerce area of the website in order to drive revenue

The strategy

Although the Owls Hall website had a good volume of relevant content, we quickly discovered that the keyword targeting of their web pages wasn’t very well aligned with searcher intent.

We, therefore, undertook an in-depth keyword research exercise in order to establish the frequency, relevancy and difficulty of the keywords which they were looking to appear more visible for in the organic search results.

Following this work, we set about improving the on-page optimisation of each page across this website, specifically altering meta information, page copy, and in some instances URL structures.

In addition, we also worked with Owls Hall to develop a content strategy which stretched beyond services specific landing pages, and focused on the “long tail”. More specifically, we helped to identify opportunities for more informational content to be added to the site.

The purpose of this work was twofold;

1) to research customers at the top of the sales funnel, who are likely to be searching using broader, informational queries, and likely to be considering the products and services offered by Owls Hall.

2) increase the topical relevance of the Owls Hall sites to provide greater content around the various products and services which Owls Hall offer.

The opportunities identified were then capitalised on by the optimisation of existing user guides and the integration of a fully fledged knowledge base.

Our work was also underpinned with a thorough technical audit of the website, with a focus on resolving errors which we likely to downgrade a search engines view and experience of the site. Another large part of our technical work also to improve the page load speeds of the Owls Hall site, view a view to improving user experience and engagement with the site’s content.

The results

The following results show year on year improvements:

increase in organic sessions
increase in new organic users
increase in e-commerce revenue

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