The client

Robin Hood Energy is the first, not for profit, energy company, owned by a local authority. They were set up to tackle fuel poverty and to help give people a cheaper, more helpful alternative to the Big Six. Launched by Nottingham City Council, they’re proud to be leading the way in trying to reduce fuel poverty for those who need help the most. Robin Hood Energy also employs Impression for SEO and digital PR services.



The challenge

Robin Hood Energy were seeking to grow their online visibility but knew they operated in a highly competitive industry. They enlisted the help of Impression to grow their profile and brand through Google AdWords and social media advertising.

Our goals were:

  1. Increase the volume of leads entering the CRM (via quote form submissions) to be pursued by the customer service team
  2. Raise awareness of Robin Hood Energy in the East Midlands, using digital to complement high-profile out-of-home and press advertising campaigns
  3. Convince client of the effectiveness of digital as an effective channel

The strategy

As a not-for-profit organisation, Robin Hood Energy needed to keep acquisition costs low. The consumer energy sector is an extremely competitive market, with cost-per-clicks for the industry amongst the highest in the UK.

Additionally, they wanted to convince price-savvy Paid Search shoppers.

We decided to operate a campaign focused highly on Paid Social and outbound Display, with AdWords search campaigns providing only supplemental support. After all, it was the emotive decision that would ultimately entice users to Robin Hood Energy, not the financial – and paid social is best equipped to support this.

By enticing potential customers into the Facebook conversion funnel with engaging video content then retargeting them with ads encouraging a switch from the Big Six to Robin Hood Energy, users were gradually guided towards the ultimate conversion goal of submitting a quote form.

Meanwhile, a two-pronged outbound and remarketing campaign run on the Google Display Network not only bolstered this paid social activity but also drove quote form submissions in their own right. We utilised Robin Hood Energy’s in-house graphic design capabilities to great effect, constantly updating our advert creatives to prevent ad fatigue and ensure ads were highly relevant to each season or energy tariff.

The results

As a result of working with Impression's PPC team, Robin Hood Energy has achieved:

increase in leads generated
lower CPA than the original target

Great agency, great people, great ideas, great delivery!

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