The client

Marmalade is a car insurance company, aimed at providing young drivers, and their parents, offering innovative and practical insurance solutions. They provide a variety of insurance options, including Learner Driver, Black Box, and Named Driver insurance for new or recently passed drivers. Marmalade also employs Impression for paid media services – this case study focuses on digital PR.


Digital PR

The challenge

We were engaged to provide digital PR strategy and implementation, working closely with Marmalade’s internal SEO team to identify strategic targets and define KPIs. Our goals were simple in structure, complex in detail… we needed to not only build links and rankings but ensure the content we produced would resonate with two very different audiences (learners and parents). 

We split our objectives into OWNED and SHARED. An Owned goal is one we directly affect, a Shared goal is a metric we hope to influence alongside other channels. This framework allows us to step out of our silo and to think strategically about how best we can impact our clients’ wider business goals.

Owned Goals:

  • Achieve links to the domain, specifically to the learner driver section 
  • Driving awareness amongst the target audience
    • Unlinked coverage: The quality would be judged by the relevance of the publication and its potential reach 
    • Brand building: Delivering campaigns that would position their brand favourably amongst learner drivers and parents

Shared Goals:

  • Achieve ranking position 6 for ‘learner driver’ within 6 months (from #9)

The strategy

Marmalade’s challenge was a big one. They were up against Google’s increasing and ongoing emphasis on EAT in the Your Money Your Life sector, plus the prevalence of comparison sites and direct providers in the SERPs. Times were tough and a more strategic approach to digital marketing was required, our strategy was to:

  • Work collaboratively with their internal SEO team who identified a need to build links to drive overall authority and ranking improvements for the “learner driver insurance” category
  • Analyse the terms competitors ranked for, to give us insight into the type of content we should create in order to effectively compete in the SERPs and target a similar audience
  • Implement a digital PR strategy which would achieve against SEO goals as well as building the brand and positioning them favourably with their audience
  • Deliver campaigns that would resonate with two very different audiences (learners and parents) by having a thorough understanding of their challenges and motivators

We had a bank of ideas from which to draw and one overriding strategic driver:

To support young people.

The results

This campaign was shortlisted in the 2021 European Search Awards and the 2021 Drum Awards for Search for Best Use of PR in a Search Campaign.

We achieved the below results over a time period from June 2020 - Feb 2021:

unlinked mentions
ranking position for ‘learner driver’

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