The client

Our client is a national events company that specialises in a specific target sector. They approached us to help them drive more leads both generally and specific to their locations and specific products via PPC. The competitive nature of their industry meant they often struggled to achieve profitable CPAs but their position as a leader in their field meant they wanted to be better represented in their paid visibility.



The challenge

Our client worked in a highly competitive field and the increasingly busy marketplace meant we would need to work cleverly to outperform their competition. Our goals were to:

  • Reduce the cost per acquisition amongst their leads (CPAs) to a profitable level
  • Improve their visibility across campaigns in spite of tighter PPC budgets

The strategy

Restructure campaigns to more effectively handle location-based queries so we could apply budget on a priority basis.


  1. In-depth search query analysis, based on phrase-length and conversion rates, to find patterns across varied campaign group
  2. Introduction of new, granular campaign structure spanning multiple UK cities and categories
  3. Moved ad groups between HIGH/LOW generic campaigns based on conversion rate over the last 3 months to improve bidding efficiency & CPA
  4. Reviewed bid adjustment targeting based on time of day and day of the week, to ensure ads are/were showing at an optimum position on the search results page at high-converting times
  5. Continual restructure of campaigns based on performance and conversion rate


The results

Since working with Impression, our client has seen:

increase in lead volume
reduction in cost per year

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