The client

The manufacturers behind Land Rover Explore and CAT Phones are specialists in rugged phone technology. The award winning phones are popular around the globe with those seeking adventure and in need of hard wearing, waterproof, shock proof and stylish devices which would travel well with them.

The challenge

Land Rover Explore initially approached Impression’s specialist analytics team to support them on rolling out enhanced ecommerce across their estate of websites, which spanned most European marketers.

However, there was also a data quality issue causes by a bespoke basket and checkout, where separate engines powered each element. As such, Land Rover Explore enlisted Impression’s team to:

  • Assist developers with a better understanding of the challenges around missing tracking,
  • Clean up the data within the current enhanced ecommerce implementation,
  • Extend the granularity of data gathered through the conversion/checkout journey,
  • Roll out enhanced ecommerce across European markets,  and
  • Diagnose data quality errors

The strategy

Because our client was already using enhanced ecommerce, our first step was to review the existing implementation. This meant examining the data being sent to Google Analytics, which was found to not be 100% accurate.

This was caused by a number of reasons, including referral spam, payment gateway referrers and a few difficulties with the technical implementation at the JavaScript level. However, it was nothing beyond our capabilities to resolve.

Our first step was therefore to work with our client’s own developers to update the implementation of enhanced ecommerce, to give them more granular access to product level information within the purchase journey.

Next, we separated the three page checkout journey into eight key checkout steps to show drop off throughout the journey, from email input to payment details. This allowed us to surface granular data relating to user checkout behaviour, empowering our client to optimise that journey accordingly.

Finally, we worked closely with our client’s Magento sales data to assist on debugging discrepancies in their transaction data caused by the bespoke implementation and reduced this error rate down significantly to an appropriate margin considering the multi-currency nature of the business – meaning our client could now trust their data much more and make decisions from it with confidence.

The results

As a result of working with Impression, Land Rover Explore now has access to more detailed, more accurate data relating to their customers' journeys, empowering them to make better informed decisions and to track the results of their investments in marketing activity. They are able to deliver improved online experiences for customers and better reporting across their business.

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