The client

Just BB Guns is an online retailer of BB guns and accessories. Founded in 2009, the company typically sells higher volumes of lower value products.

The nature of the product means that paid advertising isn’t permitted by Google and other online advertising networks, increasing the importance of driving organic traffic towards the site.

The challenge

Just BB Guns were once a market leader, relying heavily on revenue from organic search. They approached Impression as they had lost the top 3 positions for their core keywords “bb guns” and “airsoft guns.”

Further to this, the industry has seen a gradual decline over the last 5 years, leading to a reduction in search traffic and revenue and a number of competitors had recently gone into administration.

Impression proposed a 12 month campaign, with the following objectives:

  1. Achieve organic revenue of £1.5m
  2. Regain top 3 rankings for core terms
  3. Maintain and increase organic users by 10%

The strategy

Organic performance is hugely important to Just BB Guns, as paid advertising cannot be used to promote airsoft guns on advertising networks. As the client had a seen a significant reduction in traffic, rankings and revenue, we undertook an audit to produce a 12 month strategy to deliver on the client’s objectives. Our strategy was as follows:

  • A technical audit uncovered an array of challenges, which were having a negative impact on the website’s indexability and performance. Our strategy was to propose a migration to a SEO friendly CMS.
  • An audit of the backlink profile highlighted previous spammy/low quality backlinks and there were very few relevant/authoritative links. Our strategy was to improve the profile, by using a combination of traditional link building techniques and a digital PR approach.
  • In addition, we identified the client had a reasonably poor online reputation, something we wanted to improve, primarily through off site activity.
  • The client was clear they needed to rank in the top 3 positions for head terms such as “bb guns” and “airsoft guns.” Research showed that the drop in rankings was due to a combination of on and off site issues; but importantly we felt there were cannibalisation challenges; something we wanted to overcome early in the campaign.
  • Finally, the website’s content was of reasonably poor quality with many pages having thin and duplicate content, so this was addressed as part of the campaign.

Having achieved significant improvements via on-page changes, we turned our attention to off page promotion to build brand awareness as well as links to the site.

There were some poor quality links which were cleaned up. Then we placed focus on digital PR and content marketing activity to acquire backlinks to the Just BB Guns domain and to push relevant traffic and brand awareness.

To achieve this, we employed various techniques, including content marketing, digital PR and some offline work to reach the airsoft/BB gun audience. This drove high-quality backlinks to the site, raised awareness and drove new sales as a result.

We would address the authority of the website and build brand awareness amongst the target audience via creative link building and PR techniques, including offline team sponsorship and content marketing.

  • We approached University Airsoft clubs to offer sponsorship of their team shirts; this gained links from high powered domains to support improvement of the domain authority and raise awareness amongst a key part of our target audience, e.g. 
  • We created a content campaign whereby we enlisted the services of a comic artist to visualise the things forum users found most annoying in airsoft – Little Annoying Things in Airsoft – which was shared by influencers to drive brand awareness, e.g.

The results

Just BB Guns received a marked increase in traffic to their site and revenue, despite industry trends showing a decline.

increase in year on year organic traffic
exceeded revenue target by 10%
Position 1-3
rankings for core product search terms

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