The client

Internet Gardener is a family-run business based in Calverton. Having started life as an e-commerce gardening supplies store, it later extended its range to include homeware and seasonal goods, particularly Christmas products. Internet Gardener approached Impression for help growing their online presence. We employed a strategy comprising both on page and off page SEO; this case study focuses specifically on the digital PR work conducted.


Digital PR

The challenge

Internet Gardener came to us looking to grow their online presence through SEO and Digital PR. Historically, they had a lot of low-quality links pointing towards the website. The client recognised the competitive nature of their industry and knew that in order to attract and retain customers, they would need something to differentiate themselves. They challenged Impression to:

  • Create content that appeals to Internet Gardener’s loyal audience of returning users who are typically more affluent, middle-aged gardeners.
  • Gain high-quality links from authoritative domains and relevant trade online publications.
  • Combat negative backlink profile with relevant and high authority links earned from PR activity.

The strategy

As with any digital PR project, our first step was to run a situation analysis for our client. While PR is a very exciting area and there are many routes we could go down – especially for a client like Internet Gardener which has so many products and therefore angles to explore – we also recognise that more strategic decisions come from an understanding of historical wins and marketplace conditions. We spent some time looking at our client’s SERP competitors and aligning this with their wider business goals to put together a proactive plan for digital PR, which would be supplemented by reactive work, including responding to journalist requests and following the news.

One campaign specifically focused on opening up the audience to a new generation of young gardeners. We identified, through research in target publications and use of Google’s own suite of tools, that there was a growing trend in ‘urban gardening’, the idea that younger people were creating gardens on window sills or balconies and any smaller, urban space they had. The graphic below shows this growing trend from Google Trends:

google trends pot plants

Using this as our angle, we approached our target publications offering comment, opinion and product lists relevant to the urban gardening scene. Leveraging the urban gardening angle was not only beneficial from a coverage point of view, but it was a prolific opportunity when we discovered examples of trending news articles on the topic that has been shared. By gaining valuable high authority backlinks in consumer-facing publications, we were able to position Internet Gardener in front of their target audience in a new way.

This is just one example of digital PR campaigns employed to help our client grow visibility amongst their target audience, broaden that audience and build valuable links back to their site, contributing to increase authority and better search ranking positions too.

Although link building is the primary focus of any Digital PR campaign, we believe there are subsequent benefits to each activity. To highlight these, in each campaign we clearly specify which secondary benefits each digital PR each activity works towards. Amongst others, these include some of the following:

  • Local profile building
  • Brand awareness to gain increased brand searches
  • Product promotion
  • Referrals in the form of discount codes
  • Building press relationships
  • Expanding audience
  • Horticultural society relationships
  • Community presence

The results

The project thus far has resulted in 60 unique placements - with many including multiple deeper links. Some key placements include:

  • The Independent
  • Telegraph
  • Evening Standard
  • BT
  • Tesco Magazine
  • Natwest Live
  • The London Economic

  • Placements were also gained in 19 key gardening trade publications such as:

  • Garden & Power Tools
  • Bird Watching Magazine
  • LandLove
  • Garden Trade Specialist

  • 15 of the 60 unique placements were from online publications with a Domain Rating 75+, with an average Domain Rating of 51 in all placements up until mid-2018.

    The work on the account continues to be a success. Another added benefit includes the journalist relationships, in which, Internet Gardener is now approached by gardening editors on a regular basis looking for topical and quality content. This is indicative of the huge and longer-term benefits in providing high-quality content to journalists for a link building campaign.

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