The client

Harvey Water Softeners has decades of experience bringing compact water softeners to the UK market. From its inception as the vision of one plumber, Harvey Water Softeners has grown into the UK’s premier water softener manufacturer and retailer, with a factory producing more products year on year than ever. The company’s vision is to bring a water softener into every home in the UK.

The challenge

Impression has worked with Harvey Water Softeners for a number of years. A large part of our challenge is to find ways build on the work that we have already carried out. Our goals were to increase their organic traffic, to improve the company’s ranking for the core term ‘water softener’ and to expand their audience.

While the company’s ultimate objective is to get a water softener into every UK home, their more specific target audience is homeowners with a high disposable income and people suffering from issues linked to hard water consumption, like limescale in the home and health concerns like eczema.

Given that Harvey Water Softeners sells just one product, organic visibility for their core search terms is of paramount importance.

The strategy

The first step in our strategy was to focus on the keyword ‘water softeners,’ with the aim to improve rankings and sustain those increases. Beyond that, our client wanted to expand their audience. Through research and the building of personas, we identified the topics that influenced consumers’ purchase decisions higher in the conversion funnel – what they were thinking about before they were ready to buy.

Our strategy therefore mirrors the conversion funnel to focus on:

  1. Conversion keywords – these being ‘water softener’ and ‘water softeners’
  2. Education keywords – ‘hard water’ and ‘soft water’ and related terms
  3. Awareness keywords – these being terms relating to the problems that having a water softener solves

Knowing that we were operating in competitive markets across these three areas, and that the ‘awareness’ terms, in particular, would be difficult to rank for given the fact they are less closely related to our client’s core offering, we structured a strategy comprising SEO and PR.  SEO started at the ‘conversion’ end and PR at the ‘awareness’ end. We also maintained a focus on technical excellence throughout.

The results

The results below relate to September 2017 to September 2018 vs the previous year

increase in organic traffic
ranking position for 'water softener'
increase in share of voice for 'conversion' keywords
increase in ranking 'conversion' keywords

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