The client

Gazeboshop is a retailer of gazebos and similar items, selling to both trade and consumers online and off. Their products can be used in gardens or at a wide range of events, including conferences, exhibitions and sporting occasions. While their main product line is seasonal by nature, with a clear outdoor focus, their wider range attracts interest throughout the year.



The challenge

Gazeboshop wanted Impression to improve sales of printed gazebos by at least 50% year on year. Supporting this focus on a particular type of product, they also tasked us with improving the overall number of organic transactions by 50% year on year, requiring us to retain awareness of the wider site, rather than focusing on one type of product alone.

Within these goals, Gazeboshop was keen for Impression to focus on the B2B side of their audience: small business who run market stalls or need custom printed gazebos for events, as well as corporate customers who have an interest in larger, bespoke projects and printed packages.

These focused goals required us to implement a holistic SEO strategy that would improve the site in multiple ways.

The strategy

Optimising for high intent B2B keywords

This aspect of our strategy for Gazeboshop allowed us to focus on their B2B audience at the same time as driving conversions of their printed gazebos – one of our key objectives. Our focus was on high intent keywords that were specific to that market, including:

  • Printed gazebo
  • Branded gazebo
  • Promotional gazebo
  • Personalised gazebo

We identified these focus keywords by drawing on a number of research techniques. Not only did we do fresh keyword research through our various tools, we also analysed competitors’ rankings in depth. In addition, we used Google Analytics and Gazeboshop’s CRM data to identify the lucrative terms that had previously engaged a B2B audience.

With the keywords identified, we implemented an on-page optimisation strategy to improve rankings. The four pages that were competing for ‘printed boxes’ were trimmed down to one and we created new pages to target new keywords. We employed latent semantic indexing (LSI) to identify related words and phrases that we should be including and liaised with the client to ensure that we were incorporating relevant trade terminology.

We also noticed that the current printed gazebos page was being held back by poor UX, so we redesigned it to be more user-friendly, have clearer calls to action (CTAs) and to target the correct keywords.

Improving the user experience through a combination of SEO and CRO

Our larger objective of increasing organic conversions by 50% was met with a combination of SEO and CRO. Alongside the work mentioned above, we also looked at the written content across the site to ensure that new customers coming from businesses and trade show attendees were able to find the appropriate trade categories for them.

For example, we decided to focus part of our work on the new ‘Trader Steel’ product category, which is one of the most applicable categories for Gazeboshop’s trade customers. The page was previously neither ranking nor converting well, so we worked with our client to develop the content to be more trade appropriate.

We also had to make further improvements across the site to ensure that there was no cannibalisation between the different category pages. This involved researching the different keywords that similar pages could be relevant for and optimising them for those distinct keywords, thereby reducing the similarity in their targeting. This not only improved rankings but also helped to ensure that new users landed on the page that was best suited to their search intent.

The results

The following results compare September 2017 to August 2018 with the previous year:

increase in contact form submissions from the printed gazebos page
increase in organic revenue
increase in organic transactions across the site
increase in free visual contact forms across the whole site
increase in organic transactions for 'trader steel' pages
increase in organic transactions from ‘aluminium extreme 50 series’ pages

An outstanding team of professionals who constantly strive to bring innovative and fresh ideas to the table.

We've worked with Impression for over 4 years now and we’re incredibly happy with their work and blown away by the results they have achieved for our business. The team deliver on their tasks in a timely manner and to a high standard. They are always ready to help. Their support and account management are second-to-none; and they not only manage our SEO and PPC services but are also responsible for any web development work now too.

Due to the seasonal nature of our products, our business has very clear peak times throughout the year. However, despite this, December (historically one of our quietest months) was a great month for us with PPC campaigns delivering a YoY increase in conversions (+19%) and revenue (+102%), as well as delivering significantly more quality traffic (+46%) to the Gazeboshop website.

We couldn’t be more pleased. And after a positive trial period with the shopping network, RedBrain we now look forward to hopefully generating further sales with our shopping campaigns via this channel. Impression are both committed and dedicated to meeting its client’s objectives and goals. As a result we have seen a considerable increase in organic impressions, clicks and CTR since we began working with them, showing the positive impact of their digital marketing work on our site. Long may it continue.

We would recommend their services without hesitation.

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