The client

Gazeboshop is a retailer of gazebos and similar items, selling to both trade and consumers online and off. Their products can be used in gardens or at a wide range of events including conferences, exhibitions, and sporting occasions. While their main product line is seasonal by nature, with a clear outdoor focus, their wider range attracts interest throughout the year.



The challenge

Gazeboshop challenged Impression’s PPC team to improve website sales volume and revenue year on year. We were also aware of a large number of sales over the phone which were delivering a much higher average order value. Therefore, we also focused on reducing the cost per lead whilst supporting Gazeboshop with finding a phonecall revenue tracking solution.

The strategy

To achieve both our lead generation and ecommerce targets, we needed to thrive in a highly competitive search landscape whilst also beating the results delivered by our own PPC management in previous years. Therefore our strategy needed to be flexible and innovative whilst delivering consistent account growth over time.


Shopping Campaigns

In previous years the main revenue driver for the Gazeboshop account had been our shopping campaigns, which we were keen to continue to make the most of, maintaining good levels of visibility in an increasingly competitive marketplace whilst keeping costs low.

Therefore we chose to launch the campaigns on a comparison shopping service. This meant our ads were still highly visible in the Google Shopping results, with running costs lowered by over 50% in some cases, which significantly improved our return on investment. We also conducted n gram analysis to identify high performing search terms on the shopping network. This allowed us to build the shopping campaigns in an alpha/beta structure, bidding more aggressively for the historically high performing, high intent terms. As a result, we were able to apply budget on a priority basis to ensure the campaigns delivered a profitable return on ad spend.


Search Campaigns

While we were keen to capitalise on the opportunity presented by the shopping campaigns, we also wanted to scale up our search campaign activity to deliver further increased sales and revenue. Therefore, we expanded our keyword targeting for the search campaigns to target longer tail keywords which, although of lower search volume, were less competitive, higher intent and delivered a higher return on ad spend.

We also worked with Impression’s SEO team to improve landing page experiences on the site, leading to improved quality scores across the account. This helped to mitigate higher cost per clicks caused by increased competition from other advertisers over time.


Facebook Campaigns

We launched PPC activity on Facebook using a funneled approach, running different ad campaigns to different user groups based on their interests and previous interactions with the Gazeboshop site.

  • Prospecting:
    • Throughout the year we ran seasonal campaigns and competition giveaways targeted to relevant audiences, in order to drum up sales interest whilst also generating a large amount of engagement and social shares to boost Gazeboshop’s reach even further. We also combatted a potential decrease in enquiries during the low season by reaching out to an audience of relevant tradespeople who would be in the market for Gazeboshop’s products all year round.
  • Remarketing:
    • Once users had entered the Gazeboshop funnel, either through ad engagement or by visiting the website, we remarketed to this group of users by promoting a range of Gazeboshop’s best selling products. We split tested these products alongside promoting printed gazebos, a key focus for Gazeboshop, to generate interest and sales enquiries for a more premium product range.
  • Upselling:
    • Once users had purchased from the Gazeboshop site, we created an audience to target these users with ads showcasing a range of Gazebo accessories which would complement their new gazebo.

The results

2018 compared to 2017

increase in transactions
increase in revenue

Impression is an outstanding team of professionals who constantly strive to bring innovative and fresh ideas to the table. We've worked with Impression for over 4 years now and we’re incredibly happy with their work and blown away by the results they have achieved for our business. The team deliver their tasks in a timely manner and to a high standard. They are always ready to help. Their support and account management are second-to-none. We would recommend their services without hesitation.

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