The client

Fridgesmart is a leading supplier of commercial refrigeration products to businesses across the UK. Founded in 1977, they’ve been selling shop and refrigeration units for more than 40 years, offering the very best deals possible, on the highest quality products. They were seeking an agency to help them grow their organic reach, build awareness of their brand and improve the return on their paid advertising investment.



The challenge

Fridgesmart sells commercial refrigeration across the UK, with majority of sales ecommerce, but many higher-value orders coming through the phone.

With an initial fixed budget of £2,000, the company were looking to make more out of their ad spend, capturing an audience with more likelihood to convert to sale.

As many of the products are a considerable investment for businesses, the decision-making process is often long. The company therefore also needed to raise the profile of their brand, in order to convince users to purchase in a competitive market.

The strategy

The first step involved getting a good understanding of the business model, profit margins and the products themselves. This allowed us to plan our advertising campaigns with business goals and profitability at the forefront.

Using advanced search query filtering techniques to take control away from Google, and apply budget on a priority basis, we were able to restrict searches to brand & model only. This enabled us to target only those users that were most likely to buy.

Next, we used search query mapping (forcing specific products to show for specified search queries) in order to improve the conversion rate of each user search.
We layered all campaigns with remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) targeting in order to ensure that previous website visitors continued to see the company’s ads. Finally, we combined this with display retargeting, communicating their USPs, to raise awareness and trust within the brand.

The results

Fridgesmart has experienced an impressive uplift in sales and improvement in ROAS (return on advertising spend), meaning they have been able to invest more into their digital marketing as a result.

increase in revenue over the period of working with Impression vs previous period
increase in overall ROI

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