The client

Find A Wealth Manager is a smart online tool which matches high net worth individuals to the best-fit wealth management firm. This business model and tool cuts out traditional fees associated with sourcing wealth managers, and appeals to those with funds that need to be managed, across the UK and beyond.



The challenge

The main challenge for Find a Wealth Manager from a PPC perspective was to be able to find high quality leads. Find A Wealth Manager’s business model is based on a ‘smart online tool’ which users use to help them find a wealth manager, but the wide-reaching usability of this tool meant that it often generated a mixed quality of leads.

When we started working on the account, the way results were being tracked meant it was difficult to understand exactly where the high-quality leads were coming from. We began optimising the account as if it was a simple lead generation account, however, due to the mixed quality of leads, we would have understand the lead referral value to get a clear picture of the actual cost per lead and to optimise effectively.

The strategy

We started by setting up tracking correctly. For us, effective optimisation is only possible with good data, so this was a real priority for our team. We set up a Salesforce integration to track leads through the customer journey; this then provided us with a link between the campaign and the bottom line revenue generated. This made it possible to start optimising the campaign based on where the most revenue was driven, rather than on just reporting on conversions, as not all conversions are equal.

We then focused on restructuring the account to ensure we were applying budget and effort on a priority basis, first looking for those high value leads and then broadening the campaign out for more top-of-the-funnel enquiries.

We used SKAGs (single keyword ad groups) to ensure that all ad groups were as keyword targeted as possible. Ensuring the campaign was as segmented as possible was important for Find A Wealth Manager because the resulting leads differed so much in value dependent on the term they had come through or the messaging they preferred.

By observing lead quality at granular keyword level, we were able to recognise:

  • The keywords that have led to sales
  • The value of those sales
  • The ROI on those sales at keyword level

This made it possible to optimise the campaigns based on low vs high-quality lead data, making better use of our client’s budget and achieving a much higher return on advertising spend (ROAS).

The results


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