The client

Our client specialises in financial management. Their model differs from traditional banking or capital market finance and they approached Impression to help them grow their online audience.



The challenge

When our client first approached Impression, they were not entirely convinced that Paid Search could work for them, having lost trust in a previous agency, but they needed to increase their lead count considerably and therefore engaged our paid search team for help.

We devised a strategy that would give them an immediate improvement in quality, and then sustainably scale in response to demand, that focused on the following objectives:

  • Dramatically improve lead quality
  • Dramatically improve lead volume

The strategy

Our strategy was focused on delivering immediate returns alongside sustainable changes that would allow our client to grow their spend, and deliver a stronger return, over time. As they had lost trust in PPC in the past, they needed to see steady improvement to prove the value of their investment.

In order to grow quickly, yet sustainably, to support their ever increasing sales team, we worked in two week sprints which consisted of 1 week scaling (gradually increasing budget) and 1 week optimising (working to reduce CPA). This was the most efficient way of increasing lead volumes quickly.

We also used segmentation vs data density to balance granularity and control, allowing us to target very specific keywords whilst also having broad enough campaigns to gather data insight.

The results

Results achieved over a three month period:

increase in leads
improved across all leads
increase in daily spend reflecting high ROI

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