The client

EnviroBuild is a sustainable construction company, which aims to give back more than it’s founders have used within their lifetime. They provide a variety of ethically sourced and recycled outdoor construction products, including cladding, decking and fencing. Envirobuild also employs Impression for digital PR services – this case study focuses specifically on PPC.



The challenge

Envirobuild already had an established website but wanted to increase the number of leads they received, while reducing the cost per acquisition for those leads to make each one more profitable. They enlisted Impression’s award winning PPC team to:

  • Increase PPC conversions by 100%
  • Meet a target CPA of £40

The strategy

Envirobuild’s range of products often attracts a lot of traffic from browsing users looking for ideas. Our strategy was to use search query data and audience insights to monitor user intent and hone in on those users most likely to convert, through:

1) Search Query Filtering

  • In both search and shopping, we segmented campaigns by searches of different intent. These included brand, product types, and also ‘question’ searches (such as “what is composite decking?”).
  • We implemented a SKAG structure in the search campaigns to allow better management of bids based on search query intent.
  • In the shopping campaigns we filtered historically high performing search terms into campaigns with higher bids.

This afforded us greater control over the monthly spend, allowing us to apply budget on a priority basis and which helped to surpass the CPA target and increase conversions.

2) Audience Layering

  • We then layered RLSAs into the campaigns in order to target returning users more aggressively.
  • We used this as a way of ‘qualifying’ our users before deciding on the appropriate bid to set.
  • For example, a user searching for “garden decking” isn’t very likely to convert. However, if we know they’ve previously visited through the keyword “eco friendly decking”, we can ensure the users sees an ad by introducing an increased bid.

All of the above allowed us to apply budget on priority basis to different phases of the user journey. By targeting higher intent users more aggressively, we were able to increase the conversion rate which in turn brought down the CPA.

3) We then used Google Display remarketing to re-target ‘top of funnel’ searchers who may have visited through keywords such as “decking ideas”, ensuring top of mind brand awareness which drove conversions further along the user journey.

Alongside this we ran an outbound display campaign to reach users who fit the target audience criteria, serving ads on relevant websites to attract more users to the Envirobuild site.

The outbound campaign was used to draw in additional users who (if they did not convert on their first visit) could then be remarketed to. The remarketing campaign proved itself to be very successful & caused a high proportion of users to return to the Envirobuild site and convert, which also contributed to a reduced CPA.

The results

The following results represent July-December 2017 vs July-December 2016:

increase in PPC conversions
CPA (target was £40)
current YoY to date improvement

When we were looking for a company to manage our PPC campaigns we looked from all encompassing London agencies to small boutiques. On every measure we judged Impression to be the best.

In the last year they have delivered on increasing the volume of visitors to our site through paid traffic by over 200%, an important element within our growth strategy. They have also continued to work hard on our digital PR, showcasing our company and products wherever possible.

We have increased our budget with them again in 2018 and look forward to them bringing us evermore success with their award winning team.

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