The client

Distinct Recruitment specialises in six key industries: accounting & finance, HR, IT & tech, marketing, office support, and supply chain & procurement. The team is committed to working closely with its clients, helping them to achieve their professional objectives and find the work that’s right for them.

The challenge

Right from the outset, Distinct was very clear about its primary digital marketing objective: to drive more online job applications through its site. Whilst this may seem like a simple objective on the surface, the challenge of competing against much larger jobs sites was considerable. Formed in 2016, Distinct was entering a crowded market with some very well-established key players.

The strategy

Helping Distinct to compete against the existing giants of the recruitment and jobs site world was no mean feat. Our strategy centred around comprehensive on-page optimisation, strong technical SEO implementation, and ambitious off-page link building.

On-Page Optimisation

Initially, we carried out keyword research in order to design highly targeted landing pages for each category of job offered by Distinct: accounting & finance, HR, IT & tech, marketing, office support, and supply chain & procurement. In addition to this, we created specific pages for each job category and location combination (for example, “finance jobs in Sheffield”). Unlike other online jobs boards, none of this work needed to be scalable so we were able to create bespoke landing pages with lots of unique content.

Once these category and location landing pages had been created, we turned our attention to the blog. Here, we created a wide range of long-tail content that was designed to support the category pages. Taking each category as a content silo, we were able to build up the site’s authority signals through targeted recruitment guides such as “how to format your CV as an accountant”. These pages also helped to drive traffic towards key areas of the site.

Strong Technical SEO Implementation

In order to compete with well-established jobs sites, we realised that staying ahead of the game in terms of technical SEO was paramount. The Impression team is always researching the latest tools and techniques that could help our clients make gains, particularly when it comes to technical SEO developments.

Soon after the introduction of structured data for jobs listings, we were able to implement it on behalf of the client. This new type of structured data enabled Google to pull through data from listings on jobs sites and include a lot more information in the Google Jobs section of search engine result pages (SERPs). Distinct was one of the first to the table with jobs listing structured data, pulling ahead of some of the major players in recruitment.

Ambitious Off-Page Work

The impressive results achieved through our on-page and technical activities were underpinned by some tenacious off-page work. Through a mixture of thought leadership pieces and extended creative campaigns, our PRs were able to build some useful backlinks to Distinct’s site from a range of high authority domains. Our off-page activity for Distinct has been particularly ambitious to date, including work with the mobile network operator, Giffgaff.







The results

With such a close focus on increasing the number of online job applications, we were able to deliver excellent results for Distinct. Comparing metrics from 2019 with those from 2018, the following results were achieved:

Increase in the number of online job applications YoY
Increase in applications via Google Jobs YoY
Increase in organic users YoY

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