The client

DeltaNet International are industry-leading eLearning providers for organisations in the UK and around the globe, supporting over 30 different languages. Specialists in off the shelf and bespoke compliance, health & safety, and performance management eLearning for businesses, they employed Impression to help them raise their search profile, starting with a major site migration and then moving into an ongoing SEO and PPC strategy.

The challenge

Once Impression had helped DeltaNet International with a significant site overhaul, comprising three independent migrations, the team crafted a six-month SEO strategy with the primary goal of boosting the company’s search rankings for compliance-related keywords.

In addition to improving rankings for key search terms in their vertical, DeltaNet International also wanted to:

  • Promote itself as an authority in this area
  • Improve lead quality and volume of leads

The strategy

The on-page strategy centred on creating a ‘Knowledge Base’ to support DeltaNet International’s pre-existing compliance course material.

Not only would it showcase the firm’s expertise in this area, but it would provide better, more useful content to customers and prospective customers alike.

Much of the Knowledge Base revolves around providing users with additional information, including answers to popular questions, such as “What does Code of Conduct mean?”, “Who does a Code of Conduct apply to?” and “Why is a Code of Conduct important?”. Information and questions were carefully chosen based on keyword research, and whether the content would, or could be likely to appear for featured snippets. In addition, any SEO benefits to the Knowledge Base will have a positive effect on the main /compliance silo.

Impression was supported by DeltaNet International’s in-house content team, who wrote the majority of the copy based on our guidance. We also gave advice on best SEO practice and how to manage internal linking structures between informational pages and service pages.

The off-page strategy was aligned with this, with Impression’s digital PR team tasked with promoting the company’s expertise on all things compliance-related and building high-quality backlinks to four key landing pages: cybersecurity, information security, GDPR and data protection.

DeltaNet International’s digital PR strategy comprised a mix of proactive and reactive activity; reactive PR was essential given that, at the time, we were in the run-up to GDPR being implemented, which meant that compliance was a hot topic.

Through proactive PR, we were able to gain backlinks to the key landing pages by providing journalists with unique thought leadership articles on topics including:

  • Why your employees are the weak link in data protection
  • The warning signs that your business is at risk of a data breach
  • Reducing vulnerability to growing hacker practices
  • Beyond GDPR: The importance of creating a compliance culture

As with the Knowledge Base, the client’s content team were able to support with digital PR activity; this level of communication meant we were able to respond quickly to journalist enquiries and secure more opportunities.

The next 3-6 months will involve a similar strategy for DeltaNet International’s main health and safety landing page, and associated topic pages.

The results

The results from the combined efforts have been tangible; comparing the period April - September 2018 against the previous year, sessions have increased by 89%, while goal completions have increased by 48%. This is a clear indication that users are sourcing information of genuine value to them, helping to further cement DeltaNet International as a leading e-learning provider. Page visits to our target silo - compliance - overtook the homepage as a result of the work actioned, and received 32% of all site traffic over a six-month period.

In regards to off-page activity, we have secured more than 20 pieces of coverage for the client, in sectors including business, security, technology and training. The publications have an average Domain Rating (DR) of 50.

In addition to more than 50 referral visits to the DeltaNet International site, the pieces of coverage received a combined total of 300 social engagements. Social engagements refer to likes, comments and shares on Facebook, shares on Twitter, pins on Pinterest and engagements on Reddit.

The number of session increases from April-September, compared to same period last year
Increase in goal completions
The average domain rating of a publication in which we have secured coverage

Impression are an excellent strategic partner for us, they have achieved significant results with our SEO. They are very knowledgeable and professional, yet approachable and very personable too. We first engaged their services 18 months ago and they remain a pleasure to work with. I look forward to continuing our relationship!

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