The client

Company Address is an ecommerce business which sells a range of products to start up, growing and international companies. Their target audience includes brand new start ups, businesses looking to grow their presence, and companies from overseas looking to build a customer base in the UK.



The challenge

When Company Address first approached Impression, they were in the very early stages of building their website and needed an SEO strategy to ensure success from the off. As the relationship progressed and they saw the potential of search, they invested further into SEO, PR, content marketing and PPC, all with a view to:

  • Establish the brand as a leader in its field
  • Increase transactions and revenue
  • Encourage sales of more expensive products over cheaper alternatives

The strategy

The biggest challenge Company Address faced when they came to use was the level of competition in their industry. They were pitching a highly sought after product to an audience which didn’t necessarily understand the intricacies of the product or express their needs in the same way the company explained its offering.

Our first step was to ensure the Company Address brand was well represented online and that the way they described their products matched the search terms used by their audience. This meant a review of all on page content and navigational structure, including the introduction of a new comparison grid.

At the same time, we set up a PPC campaign via the Google search network to initially raise awareness of the brand whilst organic rankings improved. This enabled us to test various keywords and messages too, and to be able to hone the on-page content accordingly.

As a result of the initial on-page SEO work, Company Address now ranks in the top position for 18 key terms and in the first page for a further 150.

We have continued to work with Company Address on a retainer basis, delivering ongoing on-page SEO and off-page promotion to develop the brand and attract new customers. The business has seen an increase in revenue of over 1,000% since we started working with them and is currently exceeding revenue, transaction and conversion rate projections.

Further to this, the average sale price (ASP) has increased dramatically over time too. Company Address offers a range of products, the lowest priced of which is significantly less profitable for our client than the higher priced products. We’ve therefore delivered a number of conversion rate optimisation (CRO) projects to encourage users to purchase higher priced products, and a series of offers to upsell to existing customers.

The results

The following results are over a 9 month period:

monthly revenue increase
increase in monthly ecommerce conversion rate
increase in monthly transactions
increase in monthly average sale price

"We’ve achieved fantastic results working with Impression to date. I couldn’t be happier with the professionalism with which they’ve managed the account and feel I can wholeheartedly trust in their recommendations. They’ve always been very open with me in terms of what I should expect and have consistently outperformed what I thought possible. I’m always looking to achieve more and feel confident that we will continue to flourish with Impression as a partner."

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