The client

Coffee Central is a coffee roaster and equipment specialist which sources its coffee from all over the world and roasts in-house. It supplies both its coffee and its bespoke professional coffee machine packages to customers in a variety of sectors throughout the UK.



The challenge

Coffee Central wanted a new, improved website that would better reflect its position as a quality coffee roaster and equipment provider. It felt the old website didn’t do this well enough and, subsequently, the amount of traffic to the site was shrinking. The aim was to freshen the look and feel of the site in order to regain and improve traffic levels and ultimately the number of new customers for the business.

The client also wanted something which offered a little more than other quality roasters, who seem to follow a similar website blueprint.

The strategy

The main purpose of the design was to present the Coffee Central brand as one which stands for quality, as well as being respected and trusted. Clean layouts, carefully selected fonts and high-quality imagery help to portray a quality feel; a good use of customer testimonial video and customer logos reinforce the ‘trusted’ message.

The strategy for this project also included:

  • A change from the previous version of the site to introduce e-commerce in order to facilitate a shopping feed for espresso machine products. Coffee products (beans roasted by Coffee Central) were showcased on the site but not initially available as an e-commerce option
  • The use of custom WooCommerce product pages showing 3 commercial options to customers:
    • Buy outright (e-commerce)
    • Rent (lead gen)
    • Rent to buy (lead gen)
  • As generating leads remains the site’s primary focus with the rent/rent to buy commercial options being the usual preferred options for customers, the team added lead forms (rather than the product being added to the cart)
  • Showcasing espresso machines in a selection of stock colours and a custom colour option so that customers can have the machine panels sprayed in any colour they desire
  • Adding Britesso Builder as an interactive espresso machine ‘build your own’ configuration tool (see below). The aim is to engage users to demonstrate the different options/choices available to them and to drive enquiries/leads
  • Adding different barista training packages to the site

Coffee Central's Britesso Builder


Impression had a concise brief of what we wanted to achieve and as well as deliver this to a high standard, they improved on it too! The team there seemed to grasp exactly what we were looking for very early and from then on offered lots of ideas and input into other initiatives we’d not even thought about. Throughout the project the team were always at hand to answer any questions, but we also felt we could let them roll with things themselves, knowing they would do a great job. The execution was first class and we noticed an upturn in business generated through the site almost immediately.

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