The client

BuzzGrass are manufacturers and suppliers of premium artificial grass. They have a solid understanding of grass markets, making them a unique supplier and their factory is the longest established grass factory in the country. They have a commitment to quality, safety and low pricing. This particular piece of work was shortlisted for ‘Best use of Search – B2C’ in the 2019 European Search Awards.



The challenge

Having worked with Impression previously, BuzzGrass was already ranking in high positions for product specific keywords. Our client was keen to add to this success and wanted to grow their top of funnel enquiries to deliver more potential custom in their key summer season. The campaigns key objectives were:

  • Increase organic traffic by at least 20% year on year during key summer season
  • Increase sample orders placed by organic traffic by at least 20% year on year during key summer season

The strategy

To achieve the above objectives, we implemented the following deliverables:

1. Development of personas to drive strategic content decisions

BuzzGrass’ USP is the quality of their product, which is manufactured entirely in the UK. With this USP comes a slightly higher cost, meaning that our SEO work needed to be well targeted to appeal to the appropriate type of customer. Using data including Google Analytics, the CRM and anecdotal evidence from the sales teams, we created personas that represented the preferred target market. The personas then facilitated more targeted keyword research, whereby we were able to review other websites targeting these users and to work back from converters to better understand the queries relating to each person

2. Addition of ‘application’ content to appeal to use driven motivations

Our search query analysis comprised a review of internal searches combined with competitor analysis and qualitative feedback from telephone sales teams to inform the creation of seven new ‘application’ pages (housed under the nav item ‘Buy Grass’).

These pages were optimised for “artificial grass for…” terms, considering all potential use cases relevant to the personas we were targeting. Each page linked internally to the main artificial grass shop and relevant products too, thus creating a ‘silo’ effect which built topical authority and that, as a secondary benefit, supported ranking growth for the core term ‘artificial grass’ too.

3. Creation of ‘how to’ content to broaden SERPs visibility across top of funnel and longer tail queries

BuzzGrass previously had a guide on how to install artificial grass and, though this was ranking for some long tail queries, a lack of clear optimisation combined with cannibalisation issues with the homepage and product page(s) meant that it was failing to achieve positive results.

We took the original content as inspiration and created a content strategy for a long form ‘how to install artificial grass’ guide, targeting a wide range of relevant, long tail queries that would attract users in the grass purchase journey. The long form structure was chosen on the basis that we believed we could achieve featured snippet placements with this style, and also because it made sense for the user that the content all be housed in one place, with clear subheadings for guidance.


The results

The below results account for the period between June-August 2018 vs the previous year

increase in organic traffic
increase in sample orders

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