The client

Alltruck plc is a nationwide provider of commercial vehicles for contract hire and rental. Known for their dedication to creating the best journey experience possible, Alltruck builds long term rental and contract hire relationships with customers to provide them with high quality trucks, lorries and vans to meet their needs.



The challenge

We had to meet two goals for the PPC campaigns to be successful:


  • Deliver a high volume of leads, increasing over time
  • Ensure leads were of a high quality that met Alltruck’s customer profile

The strategy

Account Structure

As Alltruck had not run any PPC campaigns prior to working with Impression, we needed to build the campaigns in an intelligent way which allowed us to gain insights about the target market and their search patterns, whilst also delivering a high volume of leads from the first month of management.


We therefore built out the campaigns in the following alpha/beta structure:

  1. Campaigns targeting the longer tail, high intent keywords which we expected to have a higher conversion rate.
  2. Campaigns targeting broader, top of the funnel keywords which were lower intent but received a significantly higher search volume.


This structure allowed us to bid appropriately depending on the intent behind the queries Alltruck’s target market were searching for. As a result we were able to bid most appropriately for different keywords based on their likelihood of conversion, and distribute the budget efficiently to keep the cost per lead low.

In order to ensure that the leads generated by the campaign were likely to meet Alltruck’s customer profile, we created engaging ads which were both relevant to the search queries they served and which highlighted a range of Alltruck’s USPs that we knew appealed to existing Alltruck customers. We also made use of a wide range of ad extensions to provide additional information to users in the search results and to stand out amongst ads from competitors.


Landing Page Project

To make the most of the quality traffic the campaigns were directing to the Alltruck site, we worked with Alltruck to develop bespoke landing pages. We designed these landing pages to be informative and engaging, whilst fitting Alltruck’s brand voice, in order to boost the conversion rate on site.

We also ensured the pages had dynamic functionality, allowing us to customise the landing pages to co-ordinate with the location keywords being searched for, or the users’ geographic location. Launching these new landing pages saw the conversion rate double, allowing us to reduce the cost per lead even further.



Once we were happy with the quality of the campaigns and the landing pages, we launched a remarketing campaign to re-target previous visitors to the Alltruck site with engaging display ads, encouraging them to revisit the site and convert. In this way, we were able to promote more heavily some additional USPs, including Alltruck’s extensive industry experience, with the aim of convincing these users to enquire with Alltruck, rather than a competitor company.

The results

These results compare the period Apr-Jun 2018 to Jul-Sep 2018, and demonstrate the impact that our data-driven analysis and landing page optimisation project had on lead generation and Alltruck's overall return on investment.

increase in qualified leads
cheaper cost per lead

The Impression team are extremely responsive and worked alongside us to get a clear understanding of our business and what we are trying to achieve. We have been impressed with the results delivered, seeing month on month growth in the number of leads, as well as a steady improvement in the quality of the leads.

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