The client

Alltruck plc is a nationwide provider of commercial vehicles for contract hire and rental. Known for their dedication to creating the best journey experience possible, Alltruck builds long term rental and contract hire relationships with customers to provide them with high quality trucks, lorries and vans to meet their needs. Once the vehicles have come off the main Alltruck fleet, they are transferred to Alltruck2 which is responsible for selling the truck to end users.

The challenge

Alltruck plc’s internal marketing team lacked the specialist knowledge in SEO, PPC, content marketing and digital PR. They approached Impression to lead their strategy and provide training to their in-house colleagues that would enable them to make the required changes and improvements for themselves, with the end goal of increasing traffic and generating more leads and enquiries.

The strategy

We knew that Alltruck had an internal team whose focus had been on broader marketing techniques rather than specific digital tasks.
They had a website in place and some social presence, so our first step was to audit what was happening already in the form of a ‘situation analysis’. This was then used to lay out the strategy which would need to be followed in order to improve the search visibility of the site and help Alltruck to promote themselves more broadly to their target audience.
Given that our client wanted to implement the strategy for themselves, it therefore became the basis of the training plan. Alongside the specific strategic points, we also provided basic level training which would empower our client to be able to make their own decisions and set their own strategies moving forward, too.
The training was delivered on a bi-monthly basis over 6 months in total, and included:
  • Foundations of SEO: a top level overview of how search engines work, how Google makes ranking decisions, a history of Google algorithm updates, technical SEO requirements, basic on page optimisation, basic link building techniques
  • Link building for SEO: a more detailed look at link building techniques, why we do it, what’s meant by ‘black hat’ link building, competitor backlink analysis
  • Digital PR and content marketing: an in depth look at the role of digital PR and content marketing, the evolution of digital PR, setting goals, measuring the value of PR and content, how to come up with link-worthy ideas, press outreach techniques
Along the way, the team at Alltruck followed the strategy laid out by Impression and had access to Impression’s team for any queries and support as needed.

The results

The Alltruck team has been able to use their new digital marketing skills to improve the online visibility of their brand. They have now taken this a step further and employed a digital marketing executive to take responsibility of the digital strategy across the business.

months' worth of training
detailed training courses
complete digital strategy

Impression really got to know our business, our goals and our people. The strategy they laid out was very clear and, through the training, we gained a really good understanding of how - and why - to implement each part of the strategy ourselves. Their trainers were very easy to understand and pitched their content at exactly the right level for our team. I'd recommend Impression to other businesses seeking strategic support and training.

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