Thanks to all who attended my talk on Advanced Shopping Campaigns. It was an absolute honour to speak alongside some of the finest minds in the industry.  In my presentation, I covered:

  • Contextual Shopping Feeds
  • Proactive RLSA Targeting
  • Search Query Sculpting (Advanced).

You can find and download the slides below:

I wanted to go through as much as possible in the short time I had, so if there’s not enough info in the deck, then you may find my slides from HeroConf last year equally useful (some of the same concepts, but there are areas that do not overlap in both!). You can find those slides here.

Liam Wade

Paid Media Director

Paid Media Director@ImpressionTalk. Obsessive about PPC, paid social and online advertising. In my spare time I like to collect stamps, count marbles and create intricate architectural sculptures out of wheat-based cereals. @Digital_Liam

Liam has specialist knowledge in Paid Media, PPC and Paid Social.