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Welcome to the eighth episode of the Rank Up podcast, a fortnightly on-page SEO podcast where we talk to experts about news, opinions and experiences from their time in SEO.

In this episode, Edd and I were joined by Helen Freeman: the only member of Impression’s SEO team to have joined our PPC team as a graduate before moving across to SEO 18 months later. Helen had some awesome insights to share on what her initial experiences were in the first few weeks of her move.

We also discussed the topic of integration in digital marketing more generally, as well as what we in on-page SEO can learn from our paid media colleagues (and vice versa).

Edd and I really enjoyed speaking to Helen about her unique perspective, and we think it’s an episode that digital marketers of all stripes will find valuable.

If you want to see more of Helen’s work, you can find her on Twitter: @Digital_Helen. Edd and I are also on Twitter at @BenJGarry and EddJTW.

We’ll be back in a couple of weeks with our Top Stories episode featuring Ian Humphreys, an SEO Strategist at Impression. In the meantime, please do drop a rating for us on your podcast app of choice – it really helps us out!

Ben Garry

Content Specialist

Ben is a Senior Content Specialist in Impression’s SEO team. He helps clients stand out through on-page optimisation and original, high-quality content. In his spare time, Ben can usually be found playing a board game or reading a comic.

Ben has specialist knowledge in SEO and On Site Content.

Edd Wilson

Head of SEO Strategy

Head of SEO Strategy at Impression. Edd loves innovation around organic search and has a strong passion for growth marketing. Edd also loves music production, dogs and ramen.

Edd has specialist knowledge in SEO and Technical SEO.

Helen Freeman

SEO Strategist

I'm an SEO strategist with a love of using organic strategies to drive growth for a range of lead gen and e-commerce businesses. In my spare time, you’ll likely find me with a camera in hand, playing the latest board games, or shouting about women's football.

Helen has specialist knowledge in SEO and Digital Strategy.