Content specialist Paul R. Smith joins Ben and Edd to talk all things on-site content in the third episode of RankUp. The topics discussed include writing skills, the current importance of good content and the growing prominence of specialisms within the SEO industry.

Alongside Paul’s interview, we also touch on Google Shopping’s organic listings announcement, website taxonomy and the changing face of local SEO during the UK lockdown.

As always, we mentioned a handful of different resources in the show:

Google Shopping opens up to free listings:

Why I’m excited about free listings in Google Shopping:

What is website taxonomy?

How people read online – new and old findings:

Follow Paul on Twitter @PaulRSmithSEO to ask him any questions and see what he’s working on!

Ben and Edd will be back in June with a new episode all about ecommerce SEO. In the meantime, we really appreciate any reviews and shares to help grow the show’s profile. We’d also love to hear any SEO questions you want to discuss on the show – you can get in touch with Ben and Edd on Twitter at @BenJGarry and @EddJTW.

Ben Garry

Content Specialist

I'm a Content Specialist in Impression’s SEO team. This means that I work to make our clients stand out in the crowded online space through on-page optimisation and original, high-quality content.

Edd Wilson

Senior Technical SEO Specialist

Edd is a Senior Technical SEO at Impression. Edd loves innovation around organic search and has a strong passion for growth marketing. Edd also loves music production, dogs and ramen.

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