Ruth Everett joins Ben and Edd in what might just be one of the most practical episodes yet! She talks us through her experiences with teaching herself to code, with a specific focus on Python.

Ruth is a Technical SEO Analyst at Deepcrawl, which means she has a very different perspective on the industry to many of our previous guests. It also means that she has the opportunity to work with a huge range of different business data sets and try out different applications of Python on a regular basis that many of us wouldn’t even think about.

During the episode, Ruth referenced a few different articles:

We also talked about Ruth’s blog, rvth, which is one of the best places to keep up with what she’s doing. You can also follow her on Twitter at @rvtheverett.

Ben and Edd are also on Twitter, at @BenJGarry and @EddJTW. Follow us to chat about all things SEO!

Our next episode will be the final episode of 2020, and the first without a guest! We’ll be chatting about what 2020 has thrown at the SEO industry, and what we expect to see in 2021. See you then.

Ben Garry

Content Specialist

Ben is a Content Specialist in Impression’s SEO team. He helps clients stand out through on-page optimisation and original, high-quality content. In his spare time, Ben can usually be found playing a board game or reading a comic.

Ben has specialist knowledge in SEO and On Site Content.

Edd Wilson

Technical SEO Consultant

Edd is a Technical SEO Consultant at Impression. Edd loves innovation around organic search and has a strong passion for growth marketing. Edd also loves music production, dogs and ramen.

Edd has specialist knowledge in SEO and Technical SEO.