Personal branding is something that’s so important to help us drive our career in digital marketing, it can be used as a tool to contribute to our own success and help us stand out from the crowd.

During my talk at Sheffield DM, I shared practical tips and advice on how you can develop your personal brand and promote yourself in your own unique way without having to be the one who “shouts the loudest”. It’s clear that not everybody feels comfortable speaking at events, so I’ve talked through various other ways that you can share your expertise and demonstrate your authority within the industry.

Thanks to everyone who came along, I hope that you found it useful. If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch with me at @saffronshergill on Twitter or email me at

Sheffield DM: Slides

Saffron Shergill

Digital PR Specialist

Digital PR Specialist, focusing on supporting the PR team in delivering impressive results through creative campaigns. In her spare time, expect to catch her at the gym, a yoga class, or a classic cocktail bar with friends...

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