Welcome to the second episode of OutSpeech: the digital PR podcast!

Our guest speaker this month is Edd Wilson, Senior Technical SEO Specialist at Impression with an eclectic experience of different link buying tactics. He talks us through his SEO endeavours over the years, the industry history and how this relates what we do today.

I wanted to talk about link buying as I think it’s really important that all Digital PRs today understand the history of the discipline. Often it feels taboo, and something that people in the industry shy away from talking about. However, I believe an understanding of where we’ve come from and the motivations behind it helps to better inform our strategies and highlights a lot of important factors on how we approach our campaigns today.

It was great fun discussing the history of link buying with Edd, what used to be acceptable and how far we’ve come, as well as debating ethics on the press, PBNs and exploiting your own mother.

Let me know what you think!

What is OutSpeech?

OutSpeech is a monthly digital PR podcast which discusses and gives commentary on ongoing themes, topics, campaigns and beef (vegan options available) in the industry.

The podcast is hosted by Jess Hawkes, Digital PR Specialist at Impression, but we’re always looking for lovely guest speakers to take part. We like to chat with anyone. If you’re interested in being a guest, let Jess know.

A new episode will be released on the last working week of every month.

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Jess Hawkes

Senior Digital PR Specialist

Senior Digital PR Specialist. 50% tea, 50% opinions. Often mistaken for being sarcastic even when being sincere. Best use of PR in a Search Campaign, European Search Awards 2019.

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