Did you know that search is the most commonly used source of information when buying a car, beating out word-of-mouth, TV ads, and dealer visits? Or that online research now means that the average car buyer visits just two dealerships in person?

The online automotive landscape is changing, and more competitive than ever before. Being visible for the terms that your customers are searching for, and serving them useful content with a great user experience is crucial for growing any automotive business online.

We have produced a sector report on the automotive industry to help marketers to benchmark their own automotive website against competitors, and to identify opportunities to improve their digital marketing performance.

Our analysis in this white paper considers several key aspects of digital marketing; visibility, technical SEO, content, link building, PPC, analytics, and UX.

The information in this white paper can be used to expand your keyword visibility online, grow brand awareness, make more of your current traffic, and to attract an increased number of new customers.

Whether you’re a car manufacturer, dealership, a vehicle rental company, car buying service, or a garage, you are sure to learn something of value to help take your website up a gear.

A Guide to Online Marketing in the Automotive Sector

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Helen Freeman

SEO Strategist

I'm an SEO strategist with a love of using organic strategies to drive growth for a range of lead gen and e-commerce businesses. In my spare time, you’ll likely find me with a camera in hand, playing the latest board games, or shouting about women's football.

Helen has specialist knowledge in SEO and Digital Strategy.