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Improve CTR: One Small Change That Brings Big Results

Want to improve the CTR in your Google Ads campaigns? It sounds a bit too good to be true, but there’s one small change that you can make to your ads that can give your CTR an instant boost.

In this short post, I’ll be giving you one super-easy way to increase your CTR and showing you some of the incredible results my clients have seen by implementing it. (No really – not only did CTRs improve but conversion rates more than doubled too!)

I’ll warn you in advance though – it’s incredibly simple, so don’t write it off due to its simplicity.

Ready to start? Read on to find out more!

How to improve CTR – the simple way

If your business has intellectual property (for example, registered trademarks or copyrights), use those symbols in your ads.

It’s really that simple. You’d be amazed how much a ®, ™ or © can boost your ad performance.

Many large international brands have already learned how effective this is and implement it as standard across both their PPC and SEO strategies.

Even bigger brands like adidas® are aware of the power of trademark symbols
adidas® clearly know the difference that trademark symbols can make and use them across both PPC & SEO

As PPC advertising becomes increasingly more crowded, standing out in the search engine results pages (SERPs) is now more important than ever. Differentiating your ads in any way possible is essential.

By including registered trademark and copyright symbols in the ad copy (where it’s appropriate to do so), you can both send trust signals to your prospects and increase the likelihood of winning the click.

Your ad content is the only part of your pay-per-click campaign that your target audience sees. It is responsible not only for click-through rates, but also highlights your USPs, engages your customers to take action, and promotes your brand identity.

Simply adding a registered trademark symbol to your ad copy or titles can improve CTR hugely.
Simply adding a registered trademark symbol to your ad copy or page titles can improve CTR hugely

Case study

It’s not just the big international brands that can benefit – smaller accounts can see a boost too.

After running a split test for two months for one of my lowest spending clients, it was soon clear that adding a trademark symbol was having a big impact on results.

Ad Type CTR Conversions Conv. rate Cost Cost / conv.
Trademark (Test) 14.09% 21.70 3.84% £1,056.30 £48.68
No Trademark (Control) 12.91% 16.30 1.68% £1,191.73 £73.11
Change 9.14% 33.13% 128.57% -11.36% -33.42%

Yes, you read that correctly – by adding just one character to the ad copy text, click-through rates improved by more than 9%, conversion volume increased by 33%, and conversion rates more than doubled!

Needless to say, we ditched the non-trademark ads shortly afterwards. It was an absolute no-brainer.

Remember: one symbol made all the difference. There is power in simplicity.

Fancy giving this a try now?

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