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Impression Launches Satellite To Project Ads In The Sky

Impression is delighted to announce the successful launch of a satellite ‘Star Ad Wars’ into orbit. The goal of this satellite is to project branded logos and messaging in the nights’ sky for all to see.

Reach For The Stars

With a potential audience of over 7 billion, ads in the sky have the chance to change the marketing landscape as we know it.

The display orbits on an altitude of 500-600 km and lets us deliver 3-4 messages/images a day, having a viewable area of 55 km2 using the Sun as a light source.

The ability to project ads all over the world means local, national and global businesses can take advantage of this service.

Star-Struck Designs

Keeping it local

The views over Nottingham City Hall couldn’t look better next to the Impression logo.

With a population of just under 300,000, this is a great way for local Nottingham businesses to advertise.

Expanding your reach? No problem.

If you are a nationally recognised brand then you may want to expand your reach to the capital.

With a population of over 8 million, your ads are sure to be seen in the sky alongside Europe’s best large SEO agency.

Want to go global? We have you covered.

New York is one of the most popular cities in the world. With the likes of Times Square overly saturated with digital ads its time your brand stood out!

With over 47 million tourists visiting New York yearly, your brand awareness will be on the rise.


Directors Notes

“When NASA approached Impression over 5 years ago it was impossible to say no. This is the next big step for Impression.” – Tom Craig

“The ability to target over 7 billion people is unrivalled in the industry and gives us the edge when working with some global brands.” – Aaron Dicks

Getting Started

If you would like to inquire about Sky Ads then please contact us via this April Fools contact form.