Personas are an important tool in digital marketing. They help marketing teams and the wider business to better understand the target audience, and give everyone a shared language with which to discuss that audience in all of its complexities.

Brighton SEO is a bi-annual conference aimed at the marketing community, during which experts from a variety of backgrounds share their advice and tips. In April 2016, Laura Hampton of Impression gave a presentation at Brighton SEO to enable marketers to make better use of personas in their business and those of their clients. You can view the full video and slides from her presentation below:

How to Build Useful Audience Personas to Guide Your Digital Strategy | Laura Hampton | Brighton SEO 2016 | #BrightonSEO from Laura Hampton

Laura Hampton

PR Director

PR Director at Impression working with colleagues and clients to deliver link acquisition campaigns that support SEO visibility and wider marketing goals. Regular speaker at industry conferences and contributor to industry publications. In my spare time, I jump out of planes.

Laura has specialist knowledge in Digital PR and Content Marketing.