The modern search engine results page (SERP) landscape is ever evolving and moving increasingly towards a user-centric experience across a range of devices. SERP features deliver succinct information aligning with the user’s intent and they show no sign of exiting the SERPs anytime soon.

Targeting SERP features should become an integral part of any SEO strategy to provide tangible results to your website. These can include boosting your overall organic traffic and increasing click-through-rates on certain content pieces.

Throughout our guide, we cover 15 notable SERP features in 2020 and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the impact they’re having on the SERPs. We’ve completed extensive analysis around various SERP features and discuss a bit more about them, what channels they’re visible on (mobile, desktop or voice search) and we share our top tips to rank for these positions.

To read the full white paper, download it below and we’d love to hear your thoughts.

2020 SERP Features

Download this guide to discover the most prominent SERP features presented in Google as of 2020:  

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