We are visual creatures. Our technology is adapting to us, to our very human drive to see everything. And that is why the future of search has a very visual component.

With the more traditional search engines continually developing their requirements of structured data to display more granular and visual results, there is now a new era of search engines cropping up that aim to revolutionise the way we shop and discover all things online.

With the rise of these visual search engines, Purna explores the question “could we see a niche that finally manages to eliminate the need for keywords”?

Her answer, for many industries such as retail and travel, is YES!!!

Our cameras are becoming increasingly more integrated with our lives and now we see numerous companies cropping up who are able to make use of the latest camera, AI and VR technologies and develop new digital windows that help us source our products….. Ultimately, these platforms are bridging the gap between traditional keyword focus search engines and rising new keywordless search engines.

So who are these rising stars and how will they take over the world?


Microsoft HoloLens


Microsoft HoloLens





Sephora – The virtual makeup artist


sephora virtualartist


Lowes – Augmented reality to fit your kitchen

lowes - Augmented reality to fit your kitchen




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