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Benefits of a full service digital marketing agency

This article was updated on: 07.02.2022

A full service digital marketing agency is a professional service provider that develops and maintains entire digital marketing campaigns for your business. Full service agencies maximise the efficiency of your marketing campaigns and handle the entire digital campaign, or they can perform work on a specific portion of a campaign, such as PPC (pay per click) advertising.


Better brand understanding

A full service digital marketing agency should perform as an external arm of your internal marketing team. As such, it is just as important for them to understand your brand values as it is for your internal team.

 The benefit of working with a full service digital marketing agency is that they consistently understand your brand values across every service they provide because everyone working on your account are in the same meetings and see the same emails and documents as each other, creating a universal awareness of what your brand stands for. Whereas if you employ multiple agencies or freelancers for the various aspects of digital marketing, they will have differing perceptions and opinions and therefore may have conflicting ideas on the direction that the business should go with its digital marketing, meaning you won’t achieve the best results for your spend. As a result, using a full service digital marketing agency over many individual agencies or freelancers will require much less management, communication and time on your part as well as obtaining better results.

 At Impression, we spend time getting to know your business, your competitors and your core brand values. We see it as vitally important to understand what your business stands for before we craft a campaign that effectively conveys the uniqueness and values of your business, aiming to provide the highest levels of service and achieve the best results.


Efficient costs

A full service digital marketing agency will employ experts who are all specialists in their own field. As such, employing their services means you get a higher and more widespread level of service for your money in comparison to employing a single digital marketeer in-house and is much cheaper than employing your own team as you’re only paying for the time you use. We will advise you on how many days a month need to be spent on your account across a long term contract, depending on the size of your business and your digital marketing requirements, with the aim of achieving positive results each month within this retainer. This makes it much more cost efficient to contract a full service agencies services than having an in-house team.


Higher levels of service

Selecting a reputable full service digital marketing agency ensures that your marketing campaigns will be constructed and implemented by the cream of the crop in the digital marketing industry. Agencies only hire the best of the best, and their specialists’ skills are only developed further by focusing solely on creating and maintaining digital marketing campaigns for a wide variety of clients across a number of sectors.

 This expertise is perhaps the biggest benefit of using a full service digital marketing agency as the team’s combined industry knowledge is extensive. Your business will also benefit from the connections and contacts that have been established by the agency with local and national media publications as well as industry specific websites, blogs and publications. These relationships take a great deal of time to build up, which new in-house teams with little experience within the industry simply will not have.


Strategic control

Digital agencies provide high levels of strategic control and depending on the level of involvement you desire, they can consult you frequently throughout the campaigns development and implementation, making sure that you agree with, understand and are aware of everything that they do. Or if you prefer, a good agency should be able to simply ‘get on with it’ and just update you with monthly progress reports.


How should you select a full service digital marketing agency?

When going through the paces of selecting a full service digital marketing agency, there are a few important factors that you need to consider and key steps you need to take.

  • Identify your digital marketing needs, do you want an SEO focused campaign with just a little bit of everything else? or do you want the focus to be on PR?
  • Research into which agencies best fit your needs, selecting a couple to look into further
  • Of these, look at their portfolio’s and track records, selecting one that you think will work best for you
  • Once you have selected one, meet with key team members, gauging whether they are the correct fit for your company and will understand your brand values
  • Ask for a full proposal including costs
  • Set up a contract once these are agreed on by both parties.



If you are looking for a full service digital marketing agency and want to find out a little more about us and our services, go to our contact us page for information on how to speak with us.