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How to Make the Most of Black Friday as a Service Based Business

This article was updated on: 07.02.2022

Black Friday is a holiday well known for the opportunities it provides ecommerce businesses. When you sell something online, it’s a straightforward concept that you reduce those prices to encourage more sales over that weekend.

As Black Friday has evolved, savvy marketers recognise the opportunity for lead generation style businesses to increase conversions and customer loyalty.

Here are 5 tips to help you make the most of Black Friday as a service based business that doesn’t sell products online.

1) Segment your audience

The first step to lead gen success on Black Friday weekend is to segment your audience.

This means working out which services appeal to which types of audience members. For example, as a service based business, you may have more cost-effective options that better suit a small business customer. Equally, you may have more premium options that suit more established customers.

This doesn’t just apply to B2B companies, either. Consider your B2C offering in the same way; is there a demographical segmentation that makes sense for your company, or one based on audience motivations that can help you better understand your customer base?

To do this, review your data.

If you’re using a tool like Google Analytics, you can use the reports therein to see demographical information about the people who make enquiries through your website.

You can also see how they came to find your website in the first place; the channel they used can give you further insight into which marketing methods best appeal to them too. Find out how we can help you extract bespoke insight from your analytics tools here.

2) Identify your Black Friday target

Once you’ve segmented your audience, it’s time to consider which part of that audience is best suited to a Black Friday campaign.

To give you an idea, let’s use Impression as an example. We’re a digital marketing agency that sells a range of marketing services. For the majority of our customers, that means a long term investment on a retainer basis – which doesn’t necessarily suit the discount model.

Another part of our audience is businesses looking for one off services like an audit or preparation for a new website. Because this audience isn’t looking for a long term investment in this scenario, they may be more suited to a discount based on a commoditised service package.

You should also consider what’s best for your business when deciding on your Black Friday target. Though you don’t sell products online, you still have products or services to sell and should choose which to discount based on sales figures, projections and any stock requirements.

Impression tip: Knowing your profit margins and creating deals that take these into account will ensure you don’t lose money on your Black Friday campaigns. If you do intend to lose money – e.g. through ‘loss leaders’ – you need to make provisions for that through the rest of your forecasting.

3) Build service packages and discount codes

Discounting your service offering can be easier to achieve when you commoditise it into a package.

This means if you have a service which is bought on a ‘buy time’ basis, you pull that into a package where you will deliver one thing within a set time frame – such as an initial consultation delivered within an hour.

This can then be offered at a discounted price.

This also sets the expectation that those services aren’t always available at a discounted rate and that it’s a one off package deal for Black Friday.

These packages can then be offered using discount codes, which can be entered into the enquiry form or quoted over the phone. This will allow you to track Black Friday sales and gives you something tangible to give to potential customers.

4) Promote your discount codes

The next step is to promote your discount codes. As a service based business, it’s a relatively new concept that you would offer Black Friday deals so your customers may not be looking for them.

This is your opportunity to contact any email lists you have built up, to make them aware of the discounts to come. Social media is also a great place to promote the discount codes; using targeted advertising and by uploading your email lists, you can contact those people who are interested in your services and who have visited your website before.

Impression tip: Using discount codes is a great way to track the effectiveness of your campaign, because you simply track the number of people that use that code – whether it’s over the phone, in person or online.

PR can also be a hugely valuable channel in helping you to promote your Black Friday deals. Look for opportunities to promote your upcoming sale via local press. You can also seek features in industry press publications, particularly if your type of sale hasn’t been done before or yours is an industry where Black Friday isn’t usually recognised.

5) Use CTAs across your website

As a non-ecommerce business, it’s important to ensure you capture new leads and are able to track them back to their source.

This is important in your Black Friday campaign. By tracking the number of leads which come specifically from your campaign, you can monitor conversion rates and compare sales figures to non-discount periods to ascertain how much of an impact your sale has.

This means ensuring you have lots of clear calls to action (CTAs) across your website. Enquiry forms, newsletter sign up forms and downloadable resources can all make for valuable lead capture assets. Include ‘thank you’ pages or event tracking to track the people who give you their details as this enables you to monitor conversion journeys and use tools like CRO (conversion rate optimisation) to improve that journey and make more sales/conversions from your existing traffic

Are you a non-ecommerce business considering your Black Friday options? Get in touch today to speak to one of our expert consultants and find out how we can help.