Data is an essential component of any successful marketing strategy. Detailed data insights inform better decisions and provide quantifiable feedback on the returns gained from each investment made.

Standard website and app analytics installations are useful for seeing top level data on traffic patterns, sources and behaviours, but often contain little in the way of specific goal tracking and ecommerce information, and can include unwanted referrals and incorrect traffic that dilute the value of the data therein.

With this in mind, Impression provides tailored consultancy around Analytics account configurations, as well as associated services, technology upgrades to Google Tag Manager or building custom dashboards in Google Analytics, Data Studio or reporting platform of your choosing.

premier google partner agencyImpression is a Google Ads Premier Google Partner, accredited for the implementation and management of Google Ads campaigns.

Our analytics team members are individually certified as Analytics experts and can assist with all aspects of implementation and debugging of Google Analytics, attribution modelling, Google Tag Manager and Google Data Studio.

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Impression’s Analytics team is on hand to support you with a new analytics set up, upgrades to your existing implementation, strategic advice on the application of data and training across the Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Data Studio suite.

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Analytics Consultancy Services

Each consultancy engagement we undertake varies considerably, but these are all based on our tried and tested 80+ point checklist. We’ve listed just some of the included topics below;

Tracking audit

When migrating from one content management system to another, or if you are editing your pages frequently over a period of time or a large enterprise network, it’s possible that some pages may not be tracking to the correct session, or with the dimensions you need. Sometimes, this results in traffic showing internal referrers or as new sessions, therefore inflating statistics incorrectly.

We also look at integrations with your payment gateways or CRMs, and also monitor for error pages, filter out regular users by IP address, and also provide recommendations around your code configurations.

Channel reporting

Sometimes our clients want an expert to read into their data and tell them the narrative around what’s been happening. We also back up this narrative with external tools, too, so we can be sure of the reasons behind climbs or declines.

Often times we see a lot of “direct traffic” – and this traffic is usually far from direct. From this analysis we can clearly discuss visible channels, like search engines organic and paid, as well as referral traffic from other websites, but we also highlight ways in which we can surface other channel statistics in here, like email marketing, dark social, referrals from Google properties, URLs from Apps and SMS messages, and others.

Goals and ecommerce

Without a specific installation, events are unlikely to show up in your analytics package. With some configuration, frequent tasks such as form submissions or link clicks can be tracked as measurable events in your website analytics, and these can then be converted into Goals for reporting. Goals can also be pulled through into your paid advertising efforts so that your advertising spend can be optimised to encourage more of the same behaviour.

Ecommerce websites aren’t always configured to track success in the best way — popular packages such as Google Analytics have advanced ecommerce features and these are rarely enabled or fully utilised properly. If you require product-level insight, and detailed basket abandonment reporting then you will almost certainly benefit from a fuller implementation.

Advanced aspects

Even with an Analytics install, data scientists will be left wanting more. We ensure that installations filter data correctly to show true metrics to the maximum extent possible. Sometimes we split out additional data views to show subdomains, too. In addition to this, we like to utilise custom metrics and custom dimensions when it’s appropriate to do so. Typically these require website integrations but increasingly we can include these via container integrations such as Google Tag Manager– for example we can detect logged in users and tag their activity as such.

In many cases Google Tag Manager is a very useful method of allowing an agency to integrate bespoke tracking features like this so in many cases we will support your agency or IT team in its integration.

Dashboard creation

Oftentimes having the knowledge that your data quality has improved is good news, but stakeholders often do not have the time to appreciate this detail. In recognition of this, we often build bespoke dashboards in either Google Analytics or Google Data Studio for the purposes of tracking in real time your website’s usage. We always bring in the unique aspects of your configuration in order to give you the best true business insights. The data included in these dashboards, if they are required, is always agreed in advance.

Consultancy workshops

Finally, consultancy projects only hold their true value when knowledge transfer is facilitated via our handover process. We document our changes and also run through these via a handover meeting.

Data-Led Strategy

Any business investment needs to provide a return – we can all agree on that. What’s less clear is how best to monitor that return, with stakeholders all having their own KPIs and the perceived success of a campaign often being rooted in subjective as well as objective goals.

Impression is trusted by established, well known brands as well as growing enterprises to guide them on their data-led strategy. This means working closely with you to understand the overall goals of your business and to incorporate conversions throughout the online user journey to create a full picture of what should be tracked, why and how.

By setting a clear set of KPIs on both a macro and micro level, we’ll empower you to gain better visibility of the impact of your investments and to therefore make more informed decisions on your strategy moving forward.

We’ll use these insights to build your Analytics platform to report back on the metrics you need to see, and can also produce easy-to-use dashboards on Analytics and Google Data Studio for you to report to your wider organisation, too. Get in touch today to find out how powerful data can be for you.

Google Analytics Training

As well as providing Analytics consultancy, the Impression team is available for training sessions, crafted to your specific needs and delivered to your team in your office or at our Nottingham and London locations.

Find out more about Google Analytics training here.