Invest in advanced analytics training with multi-award winning digital agency Impression and supercharge your strategies with more detailed insight and data-driven decisions.

Today’s marketer has an array of data sources at their disposal. No longer do we need to rely on gut feeling or abstract data insights; instead, we take a scientific approach to facilitate stronger strategies and better results.

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What to expect from advanced analytics training

Analytics is an essential element of any successful digital campaign. In order to understand the effects of our work, we must track and measure everything – and this is made possible by the vast array of tracking tools and platforms available.

The most commonly used tracking platform is Google Analytics, a mostly free tool provided by Google to give webmasters access to user behaviour data. Google Analytics itself has a relatively intuitive interface for more straightforward analysis but what many people don’t realise is the depth of data available when you start digging into more reports and creating your own custom reports.

As an agency, we pride ourselves on our commitment to data-driven decisions and we’re therefore well placed to share that knowledge with you. You’ll leave each training session with Impression with a clear set of actions to apply in your own business; because Analytics allows us to share custom dashboards, we can also set you up with some of our favoured dashboards at no additional charge.

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