Digital PR and content marketing are hugely powerful tools for businesses that want to increase brand exposure and gain new custom as a result. For those of us working in these areas, both digital PR and content marketing represent exciting opportunities and evolving challenges – where the best results are achieved by the most creative, most innovative teams.

Impression has always been at the forefront of digital PR, with our first member of employed staff being a PR specialist. We recognise the value of PR and content marketing for SEO – where links are an essential component of the off-page mix – but also for achieving broader benefits relating to brand building, positioning and audience development.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be an innovator and a leader in the world of digital PR and creative content marketing, apply for one of our open vacancies today, or read on to learn more about our approach and team.

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The evolving role of digital PR & content marketing jobs (the Impression way)

The role of digital PR and content marketing has been evolving for years. Originally intended as a way to drive links to a client’s site (where links are votes and not all votes are equal… you know the drill), it’s progressed to the point where the line between traditional and digital PR is more blurred than ever.

For the majority of our clients, the reality is that digital PR and content marketing primarily comes from an SEO need. Whether that client is seeking a holistic SEO campaign from us, or they have an in-house on-page team seeking off-page support, the majority come to us looking for links. Links remain the currency of the web, and specialists in digital PR and content marketing roles are able to gain those links through creativity and quality campaigns.

At the same time, all of our clients also recognise the broader value of a well-executed digital PR or content marketing campaign. If a campaign still holds value in the unlikely event that it achieves zero links, then that’s where we like to hang out. Content and stories that communicate the brand values in a way that’s relevant, engaging and compelling to the target audience will always win out over snap content ideas that might generate a bit of interest now, but that bear no relation to the brand they pertain to represent.

That’s why, when advertising our digital PR and content marketing jobs, we ask people to tell us about their individual approach to these roles. It’s not about what’s ‘best practice’ or being spoken about on stage at the latest conference; we’re much more interested in what you see as the future of the discipline and how you get the best value for your clients.

When applying for the role of Digital PR Specialist, Content Marketing Specialist or Digital PR Executive, bear all of this in mind – we want to know how you’re going to bring new thinking to the team.

Digital PR and Content Marketing Jobs at Impression

We’re always on the lookout for great people! If you’re a digital PR specialist or looking for work in content marketing, check out our current vacancies to see if you could be a good fit.

Can’t see a specific role for you? Don’t let this stop you! We’re more than happy to hear from people who think they’d be a good fit for the team and bring valuable expertise, even if we’re not openly advertising for it right now. Drop us a message!

Applying for Digital PR Specialist and Content Marketing Jobs at Impression

We advertise our open vacancies on our own website careers page, as well as over on LinkedIn and various other jobs boards. We’re pretty proud of the reputation we’ve built – based on award-winning results, a great team culture and fantastic employee perks – and that means that we get a lot of applications for every new role.

If you’re looking for a job in digital PR or content marketing and think Impression could be the company for you, read on for our tips on how to apply and what we’re looking for:

A passion for PR and content

This almost goes without saying, but we’re looking for people with a real passion for what we do. Show us why you love it and prove how you live and breathe it to be in with a chance of joining our equally passionate team.

Proven results and knowledge

It’s not enough to ‘love it’ – we need you to do it, too. That’s why we encourage you to add examples of your campaigns into your application and also share any blogs/insights you’ve shared on the topic, too.

Innovation and insight

Digital PR and content marketing are ever-evolving disciplines. We want people who have a great backstory and proven abilities, alongside an inquisitive mind and insights into how our world will continue to evolve in the future.

Terminology, explained

We get a lot of applications for our digital PR jobs and our content marketing jobs. The naming we use for the job title seems to influence the people who get in touch, though the reality is that, essentially, we mean the same thing by both. Digital PR and content marketing go hand in hand at Impression, with the latter being a subset of the former, and both being an integral part of the overall search marketing mix.

What we mean by ‘digital PR’

When we talk about ‘digital PR’, we’re referring to the broader set of techniques used to acquire links and coverage. We rarely mean the more traditional link building techniques like citation building or broken link building (which are usually mopped up early in a client relationship anyway). We’re actually talking about the techniques that gain links and represent our client in a positive manner, so anything from thought leadership based guest posting, through the creation of what we call ‘news from nothing’ to the more complex and involved techniques like data visualisation and creative content marketing campaigns.

What we mean by ‘content marketing’

If you’re looking for a job in content marketing, you’ll know how varied the job descriptions can be. Many companies simply mean ‘copywriting’ when they talk about content – so they want someone to write for them/their clients. At Impression, we mean something more involved than that, where ‘creative content marketing’ is a technique within the digital PR spectrum, and where campaigns typically involved a creative design and build element. Content marketing in this sense is higher risk (we could be working with some pretty big budgets for single campaigns) but the potential rewards are so high when you consider how much coverage and how many links can be achieved.

When applying for these jobs at Impression, be sure to refer your skills back to the above to show us how you will help our clients (and our team) achieve their goals.

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