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Saffron Shergill

Digital PR Specialist. Joined Impression in July 2019.

I was first introduced to the world of digital marketing during my years at Birmingham University, where I studied for a degree in International Business. During this time, I completed a placement in Amsterdam which allowed me to build my experience in SEO and link building.

At Impression, my day to day activity consists of leading on client strategies and executing creative campaigns and activity to achieve measurable gains for my clients.

Something that I’m proud of:
I am really proud of the work I have executed as part of the CSR team at Impression, reaching out to students and young people to help them understand the opportunities available for them in the digital marketing industry.

Outside of work:
I have a real passion for health and fitness so outside of work, you can find me in the gym!

Saffron Shergill has specialist knowledge in Digital PR and Thought Leadership.